Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recent happenings

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving this year! It's nice to take the time and reflect on the many blessings that God has given us. I'm thankful for Godly friends and family members in my life! They all have been an huge encouragement over the years!
I praise the Lord for safety and direction. Last week we were planning on having Thanksgiving in Greenville, SC. But with a job opening for Joe, a road block on the highway in NC, and a mild November, we decided to stay in Midland and have Thanksgiving with Joe's family.
We're thankful that we have this extra time here in Midland and always enjoy our time with friends! But we do want to keep my BIL and his family in our prayers. As they were heading to Alabama for the holidays, they ran into some trouble with their fifth wheel and were stranded in Ohio for the rest of the weekend. God has a purpose for everything and we always try to seek what God's will is for us in any situation. Very thankful that their family is safe!
Next week we start up our Christmas tour in the south. We are all excited about being down south! I will try to keep an update on where we are so that if we are in your area, you can come check us out! :)
I've been bad again and I'm not a photographer of any sorts. I wish I did take pictures. My kids aren't going to have any pics of themselves and will never know what they looked like when their little. I took a few of Lincoln this past week and thought I should share with you! Since I sending this from my phone, I don't know what order they will be. Please bear with me!
Whenever we go to the mall, its a family outing. Joe and I enjoy watching Lincoln have the time of his life in the rental strollers!
One night when Joe was finishing with work, the family that hired him invited us to have supper at their house. So the pic with Lincoln having a flower headband is bc of three lil girls having a lil boy for a playmate. Lincoln had a blast playing with pink balls and musical instruments...and headband flowers!
The other pic is just lunch time and he was imitating me saying "cheese"!
Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lincoln's first Birthday!

Finally I'm able to update you all on the events in our lives. I haven't been able to sit down and upload my pics and type out a post. I've missed my blogging friends and am looking forward to keeping up with you all when we settle down in Greenville for a bit.

We just finished practice, Lincoln's down for a nap, so here I am in Pastor's office with my lil computer and I'm using what precious time I have to share! Hope these photos come through for me! (connection is lil slow...)

Right now we are in Harrisville, MI with a week of meetings. This is the third time in a year that the team has been here. We always enjoy our stay and love seeing people that we've gotten to know over the year.

Last week we got a little break and celebrated Lincoln's birthday in our home-town, Midland, MI. We celebrated on the 31st at Grandma and Grandpa Ortega's house with his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents/GREAT grandparents!

(Lincoln with Grandpa and Grandma Everson)
Lincoln enjoyed all his gifts from everyone! But for sake of time, I have to show the gift that Mommy and Daddy got him! :) (sorry everyone...)

On the 3rd, we celebrated his REAL birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings with cake! He really liked that! :)

Trying it...
Thinking about it...
YEP! It's good! :)
After this week of meetings, we go back to Midland and get another lil break before the big trip down to Greenville, SC for Thanksgiving! There we will be with the Snow family! Joe and I are ready to head south for the winter, but will miss family very much over the holidays.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is creeping up on us and that we as a team are going through our Christmas numbers and program. Right now I can hear Joe in the other room recording a peice that he's working on. Gets a little annoying at times... : \

I've spent too much time already twiddling with the pics and stuff. I should go. Keep me updated on what's to come in the blog world this holiday! Looking forward to connecting with everyone again! Until then, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Then and Now

On November 3, 2008 at 2:55pm my life completely changed. I became a mommy. This little person became apart of my life and now has me wrapped around his little finger!
Today he's not so little and doens't need mommy to do everything for him. Only sometimes.
He's adventurous, outgoing, not very shy, and rides a four wheeler in our little house by himself! He enjoys meal time, sitting in daddy's before nap time, reading books, and finding every little thing he's not supposed to have.
I thank God for allowing us to raise Lincoln Joseph.
I wish I was more faithful to my blog so that you all can see how much he's grown and where we've been. I will try harder!
Happy birthday buddy! I love you and can't wait to see how much you grow this next year! But you'll always be my lil man!
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