Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While I've been MIA

It's summer....That's all I've got to say. :)

Along with the fact that we are not living in our trailer anymore, summer days are always busy! We're temporarily stationed with our wonderful giving friends who have offered to share their house while we do the transition from travel trailer to renting/buying. (We'll see how giving they will be after we leave!) ;)

It's been a process but we are getting there. Lord willing we will have the trailer sold and be moving into a home before school season starts! PTL that we sold our oversize truck and downsized into something more affordable! My husband is awesome at buying/selling vehicles! He should be a car's sales man! :)

I'm excited and anxious again. Life keeps throwing us curve balls and I'm praying that the Lord will show us what we should do. If you know of anyone interested in a new/slightly used travel trailer, LET US KNOW!!!

Today we spent a couple hours cleaning it out. I'm not looking forward to the deep cleaning it needs! : / But in order to sell....I GUESS I'LL DO IT!!!!

I'm still couponing! It's coming along and I've gotten the hang of it for the most part! It's so encouraging to see people comment and ask me how I exactly do it. I really don't feel qualified to give people advice on how to use coupons! But check this out! (this made my day! had to brag a lil bit!)
3 bottles of Ivory body wash
2 bottles of Old Spice body wash
1 bottle of Old Spice shampoo and body wash
1 Old Spice Deoderant
1 Lady Speed Stick
4 Crest toothpaste
2 Oral-B tooth brushes
2 Tony's pizzas
1 Tyson grilled beef strips
TOTAL: $2.17!!!!!

So that's been my best so far! The coolest is that Meijer and Kroger are having there 10 for $10 specials this week, and they both double coupons up to $.50!

Anyways...It's been great getting back into the swing of things since I've been gone for nearly 3 1/2 weeks at my parents house. Lincoln and I went to visit my parents for 2 weeks and Joe met us later. It was wonderful being able to visit with family and friends from Lakewood. Here are some pics from our stay there.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My couponing answers

I've had some people ask me to share with them how I do my couponing. I'm not an expert in any way and am still learning the ropes. My mom could probably tell you more than I could!
But I'm more then happy to lead you to some of the sources where I've learned my way into couponing.

I follow WAY TOO MANY blogs! That's the main thing. I follow WAY TO MANY Facebook fan pages! And I get WAY TOO MANY emails. But in order to find those deals that I could never do on my own, I subscribe, fan, like, what ever, to help save money. These ladies/websites/blogs do their job WONDERFULLY! and can help you save the hassle! Just scroll down and to the left you will find "Other places where I hang out." That is my blog roll and those blogs are some of the best blogs to follow for couponing and finding freebies. Some of my favorites are The Krazy Coupon Lady, Deal Finding Chik, and for the NE Wisconsin people, go to Spend Freely to find some local deals! :) There are just so many to name. Couponmom.com is a GREAT source. It's probably the most basic. She posts the deals of the week for the Super stores and pharmacys, and matches up the coupons for you to use that week. The layout is easy and simple for beginners. Coupons.com is the main source of my online coupons. You can even click on the link from my blog!

You do have to familiarize yourself with the coupon lingo. All the websites have a coupon 101 page for you to study. It's not hard! Plus if you have a question, they are open to comments.

Another thing is that it does take some time and effort if you really want to save some $. But once you get into the groove of things, it comes pretty easily. It's so worth the time when you see that receipt with a savings of over 80% at the end of the transaction! You feel as if you could skip like a little school girl right out the store! (ahem) anyways...

My couponing is pretty basic, and yes I'm still learning. I haven't branched out to too many stores yet. I've been hitting up Meijer for the most part. And Target if it's cheap CHEAP!
What I do is buy the Sunday newspaper. You need to look around and see which one has the best coupon insterts. (You'd be suprised at how different the insterts are by region. My mother lives in NE WI and bought a Chicago Tribune and it was LOADED with coupons compaired to the Green Bay Press.) It took me a couple weeks to find the best one. The local paper here in Midland doesn't have the greatest inserts. So the neighbor lady saves those for me and I buy the Detroit paper every Sunday. Ask friends and family to save their inserts if they don't use them.I don't buy multiple papers. Some people buy 6 at a time so that when something goes on sale, with the coupon, it's a great stock up item! I just don't have the space. So 3-4 coupon inserts have been enough for my family.
Once I get a paper I pick up a store ad for that week. I don't really spend much time looking at it because I know my trusty bloggie friends have done their homework. So I click on my blog list or bookmarks on my web browser, or search for (ex.) "Meijer coupon matchups 5/16." I like to use google blog search at the beginning of the week to find some great resources.
These blogger friends will tell you the sales for the week, what coupons to use, and where to find them. I like simplicity and appreciate what these gals have done for us!
That's about it. Like I said, I'm not much of an expert. I just follow some blogs, buy Sunday papers, and TRY to shop once a week with coupons!
If you'd like a much simpler layout on saving with coupons, just read this: Coupon 101: Getting started I've babbled too much!

Feel free to share how you save money with coupons! Come back for more as I will try to post any freebies and deals that I come across! Thanks!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Back (again) So let's PARTY!!!

It's that time again where 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party! This year the party has fallen the week after my birthday, (April 4) and what a great way to celebrate!

Life has been busy for the Everson family these days. I know that some of my readers know who I am, but for the next week I'll be getting lots of new visitors from the blog party. So let me say a few things about myself! (you can read my last years intro here. I had put a little more work into it that year...)

I'm a SAHM of a 1 1/2 yr. old boy who can't get enough of balls, sports, and daddy! He is SUCH a boy! :) Here's a picture of us when we were visiting my parents! He loves the camera!

My husband and I just finished traveling with the Bible Revival Team where we were traveling every week to a new church ministering in music and Revival Meetings. Our house is a travel trailer that will hopefully some day become our vacation trailer as we are in the process of looking for a more stable house to live in permanently. We traveled for two years and just moved to Midland, Michigan. My husband started working the day we drove into town (PTL!) with a home improvement business, and I'm currently looking for a babysitting job.

I enjoy couponing and saving money so that one day I can have the stock-up pantry of my dreams when we do move into a house!

I've been away from my blog just because life has been hectic as we just moved into town, I left for a week to see my parents in Wisconsin, searching for coupons(!), and birthday celebrations and Easter also took a big chunk of my time. AND a 1 1/2 year old can do that too! :)
Us (brother on top of the propeller and sister on the right. Mom and dad were with us too!) in Mackinaw City for my birthday!

But I hope that this UBP will help inspire me to get back to blogging! Now that I'm not moving from state to state and won't have to worry about having internet or not, I should be more committed!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again! I will be posting more deals that I find and please share if you find something that ought to be shared! :) Now off to do some blog hopping!
There's so many prizes to be won at the party! Here's a list of some of my top favorites!!!

40- One winner will receive a 3 day 2 night stay from Holiday Inn Main Gate East in Kissimmee, FL!

72 – Your Shape for Nintendo Wii

96 – A laundry prize pack from Mrs. Meyer’s! (by Mama's Laundry Talk)

USC 60 – For one winner a $200 gift certificate for any Wall Slicks vinyl wall decal

USC 3 – A $50.00 Target Gift Card. (from PegsPlay)

113 – $25 Walmart Gift Certificate (from Susan)

32 – $25 Target Gift Card! (from The Frugal Novice)

37 – $20 Visa Gift Card (from Grocery Shop for FREE!)

12 – Two winners will receive a 1 Month Subscription to Netflix. (from 1stopmom)

11 – A $100 gift eCertificate to Restaurant.com

49 – $25 gift card to Starbucks

Or any gift card to any store/shop would make my day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whirlwind of life is about to hit!!!

I don't even know where to start. Or how to begin what's happening. I don't even know my self what's happening. I'm just holding on tight and waiting for the whirlwind to come!

Joe and I thought we were finishing up traveling with Bible Revival at the end of the Spring Tour. Because of last minute changes, and some happenings in Midland, we are planning on moving up to Midland after our performance on March, 21. Houses are selling now for pretty cheap in Midland! But I don't want to just buy one because it's cheap...We've been doing some house shopping online, a good friend has been checking out the houses for us, and sending pics while taking tours at his own risk! :)

Please pray for us if you remember! I feel like every thing's happening so fast! I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know I just need to trust in God.

Right now we do have a trailer to live in, but we'll probably have to sell it if we get a house soon. (And it won't be fun to live in during Michigan winters!) Joe does have a job, praying that they'll pick up some decent work so that we can save up some money! I just got a phone call yesterday from a potential job that won't be anymore. It was ideal because I could keep Lincoln with me while babysitting. So I'm looking and praying for any opportunities that are out there for me to work but keep Lincoln as well.

I guess the main thing that I feel is that this part of my life, the traveling, Bible Revival, meeting new people, GREENVILLE (I'll miss the most!), is coming to an end all too soon! Like I feel as if there's no closure to it. I'll miss some of the traveling and other things about it. But I am excited about Midland. Being settled in one church, being active in that church, hanging out with friends, being near to family, having a place to call home! Ok, now I feel better!

Goodbye travel life. Thanks for the fun and memories!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where did February go?

I can't believe that six weeks have come and gone and that we are packing up leaving Wilson, NC. Where did the month of February go? Here's some pictures that I took this past month. I didn't take a whole lot b/c of lack of internet connection, lack of creativity on my part, and lack of camera usage. Joe was always taking it from our house and using it in his studio. Oh well. Here's some from my phone

It snowed here a few times...I thought we were far enough south that we wouldn't see the white stuff. But we did.

My niece Elena turned 7! Pink and yellow bday cake, of course! YUM!

Lincoln checking out the cake!

We went to the mall a few times just to walk around. Lincoln liked the water fountain. He's getting so big. Everyday it amazes me just how big he's getting!

The other day Lincoln fell asleep on a toy and it did this to his head! Little bumps on his forehead! haha! I laughed when I saw his cute lil head all with bed hair and rosy cheeks. So adorable!

He keeps me happy even on sick days.
This past week both Everson families have gotten hit with some type of stomach flu...I'm glad that Lincoln didn't get it too bad. But I was sick in bed for a day and Lincoln tried his best while daddy was gone teaching. He rubbed my head, woke me up at key moments on Sesame Street to tell me what was going on, and gave me kisses!

I wish I had more to tell. Our visit here was wonderful. I appreciate for the people here at Tabernacle allowing us to park here for 6 weeks! We will definitely miss the people here. But I'm ready to start the Spring tour and head up north to see my family! Near the end of our tour we will be in Gillette, WI where some very dear friends of mine are located. So I'm VERY excited about that! Then my sister and my best friend will both be graduating from Northland International University and we will stick around for a week with friends and family in my hometown! So yeah, I'm anxious to get home! Then we are off to start a new chapter in our lives! Seeking where God wants us! It's exciting! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shopping trips

UPDATE!!! I forgot to add totals of amount paid and total amount saved!!!!
Total spent: $46.65
Total saved: $36.15

I did it! I went shopping with a handful of coupons for the first time! I actually saved money! It did take me a L-O-N-G time to find the items and to make sure I had the right items...Lincoln did a very good job sitting in the cart for so long!
Here's what I did:

Total: $5.39
Saved: $17.30
(Joe drank his frappuccino before I could take the picture)
When I got home and took this picture I was a little disappointed. I spent all that time LOOKING and this is all I came home with??!!! Then I look at the receipt and think, "I SAVED $17.30???!!! WOW!!!" So that makes me feel a little happy!
I'll have to do a better job at recording where I got all my coupons so that I can share with you. Does anyone have any way they do that? Please share! :)

My favorite items are the Tylenol PM that I got for $0.99! and the Starbucks Frappuccino for $0.25 each!!

I didn't get a picture of my Wal-mart purchase. I was a little more disappointed with that trip. I know it will take time and I will learn how to shop with coupons. But this Wal-mart here in Wilson, NC is confusing to me. I can't find anything and they did not have a lot of the items I was looking for. Another thing was that some of the items weren't on sale like I thought they would be. I know each Wal-mart is a little different with sale items. Oh well. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it once we get settled in Midland. It took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R though!! I'm so glad that Lincoln was content for most of the shopping trip!

Total :$27.61
Saved: $6.00

So as you can see, I didn't save much. I didn't get to use all the coupons that I would have liked...But I'm happy with what I got; it should last us all week. Ham steaks were on sale, so we will be having that probably for two separate meals. (cheezy rice & ham, and maybe a breakfast for dinner thing???) I bought pizza ingredients that will go along with the olives that I bought at Walgreens. Some of the other items were things that I wouldn't normally buy, but I got them for $1 or less with the coupons. Like fruit snacks and Toaster Strudels...

Total: $13.65
Saved: $12.85

This time I had Joe come with me. It went faster, and he also volunteered to run back to grab the Little Debbie cupcakes b/c I accidentally grabbed Hostess.

The Sobe Life water were free, one package of Oreos were free, the Little Debbie Cupcakes and V8 juice were $.50 each because I did a price match with the flyer from Big Lots and used coupons on both. (next time I'll try to remember where I got the coupons. I'm learning!!) For the diapers I stacked a $2.00 coupon from coupons.com with a $1.50 coupon from Target.com.

I promise to keep track of where I get my coupons from now on. I do most of my printing from coupons.com and Target.com. Plus I follow some great bloggers who do a lot of the work for me! ;)

To get your free package of Oreos, visit the Nabisco Fan page. They reset the coupon to last another day. So hurry! You have till midnight tonight!

So that was my first attempt. How'd I do? I have a long way to go, I know. But it was fun...kinda...in a way...next time maybe Lincoln will stay with daddy! ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Swagbucks with a new look!

Search & Win
(click on the button to go to Swagbucks.com)

Have you ever tried Swagbucks? Well you gotta check it out! Swagbucks just had a birthday this past week and things have changed! You still can win prizes and swagbucks just by searching the Internet as usual! But every thing's double now! WOW!!! I was shocked when I saw how much bucks I received the other day! It made me so happy! :D

Even though I don't get much computer time, every time I do search through Swagbucks, I at least get 5-10 Swag! I haven't been up to date like I should be because I use my phone so much to do my Internet searching. (Swagbucks needs to get a Storm app soon!!!) But look around and check it out for yourself! I have enough now for a gift card. I think I'll get an Amazon gift card so I can buy Breaking Dawn! (Can't wait!!!)

I know some of my friends use Swagbucks to get Starbucks gift cards, music, Barns & Noble cards...your options are endless! Imagine, paying for your Starbucks coffee because all you did was use Swagbucks as your search engine!!!

For those die hard Swaggers, keep a lookout for Swag codes that the Swagger-guy hands out. Through out the day he'll hide them and when you find them....MORE SWAGBUCKS FOR YOU!!! :) It's fun and free!

Start searching through the swidget that I have at the top of my blog, or click 'sign up' to get started! (facebookers need to go to my blog to see!) Or click here. The more friends your refer, the more bucks you get! So get started!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Check that off the list!!!!

Remember my list at the bottom of this post? It looked something like this:

Finish strong with Bible Revival this Spring...
Ink for printer....

Move to Midland...

Get my coupons and freebies in the mail....

Read more blogs...


The Lord blesses above and beyond! Joe has been praying for a certain amount to come in from our tax return. We just want to catch up on our bills. Well, we did more than that! The return was more than we expected and we were able to 1) pay off credit card; 2) pay off medical bills; 3) have both trailer AND truck payments CAUGHT UP(!!!!!); 4) buy this!!! and 5) have extra to set aside!!!!

Even though we are still paying off loans for truck and trailer, it feels SO good to be caught up! We've been praising the Lord all day!

So that's one of the things that was on my mental list, but didn't put it down on my blog. I guess I would put it under the "finish strong" part!

Another thing I want to check off my list is "ink for printer." Well, it still needs ink, but we went out to Wal-mart and bought a new HP Print, Scan, Copy machine.

I had one in college and LOVED it! Plus the ink isn't so expensive! So this one's mine (and Joe's too) while Joe has his art printer for his business!

One more thing I want to say...I had mentioned that our little laptop screen was busted because of a tumble it took when Lincoln yanked on the cord....anyways.... *sigh*....I'm not bitter. Well Joe worked and did some tweaking and now my laptop is usable! The screen doesn't work still, but it's hooked up through the tv and I'm using the tv screen as my monitor. Cool, huh? Except there's more cords. And I'm not mobile...Oh well! :)

So, all these thing aren't REALLY on my list...but I think the Lord knew what REALLY needed to be on my list! Ya know?! I can't wait to start printing and to start saving! Help me keep an eye out for those big deals out there! I'm a newbie, so I'm more than happy to hear what's out there! I am following quite a few blogs as you can see on the left in my blog roll. Some really neat gals out there! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blogs! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joe's Studio is being featured!

Joe's Studio is being featured over at We Blog Artists where they do a segment every Tuesday called "Tell All Tuesdays!" Head on over there to see what kind of questions they asked Joe!

Thanks Char and Pam for featuring Joe! And congratulations on your win! Which one of you is going to be the lucky one to keep the Giraffe kisses I wonder?!

Joe's been doing some photo shoots at the skate park recently. Here's a neat shot he took of his friend Lance!

Be sure to check out his blog to see new things each week! He's been working so hard! Some day, we'll have a real studio/office for him to hang his work to sell! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photoshoot with Daddy!

Joe went out on Saturday and took some pictures of Lincoln while he went exploring around the yard! It was such a nice day! Finally it's starting to warm up and Lincoln can go outside and play!

My goal for this summer....

I had so much going on in my head last night while I was typing the last post, that I rambled on some more and didn't quite finish because it got pretty late. I haven't been near a real computer for a while and my mind was buzzing. My thoughts were like spaghetti. One thing reminded me of something, then I'd get side tracked...and then side tracked with that...

That's how I feel my blog is. I hope I make sense to who ever reads my blog! I'm learning. Please bear with me as I'm not much of a writer either! I was telling Joe, some day my blog will be something. I think it will be! I'm just going at it very slowly!


Just recently (2 weeks ago) I had a dry spell with twittering as I wasn't feeling well, laptop broke, EVERYONE was going to Blissdom at the Opry Land Hotel...(the coolest/neatest Hotel) I just had to step back and get away from my lil twitter world. It has to happen sometimes.

So I replaced my twitter time with thinking and reading blogs.

Money is REALLY tight, as I'm sure a lot of you are feeling the crunch finances puts on us all; and I was really drawn to these wonderful gals who talk about couponing. I've always been interested, and really want to do this. I feel that this is something I can do to help my family in this time of need! I WANT TO BECOME A COUPON QUEEN!!!! It was SO nice to listen to $5 Dinners at the A Woman Inspired Webinar on how she uses coupons and how she takes on the challenge of making dinner for the family with $5! GOOD wholesome, filling meals!

It's hard though when you travel from state to state. I'm sure it's possible. But when there's a church scheduled for meetings during the week we are so busy everynight. I'd like to have time to do the shopping, be organized and actually ENJOY, not hate saving money let alone the grocery shopping!! (if that makes any sense.) Another thing is that when we are at a church for a week of meetings, they take care of our lunches. So...that's a plus in not having to buy groceries. Each week varies too. So one week I don't have to buy groceries where the next week I will. I also noticed that on the weeks when our lunches were taken care of, we end up eating out for supper. Which I don't like doing a whole lot...

Plus, when I only see my mail every 3 months...(if even) and then I don't even have the money to buy ink for that highly expensive printer...I feel so stuck.

So...with a lot of thinking, reading, and researching during my down time from the laptop and next to nothing twitter, (remember, still have my BB!) here's what's happening:

I created a spiral notebook that is my "Financial Record/coupon" book. Right now I'm keeping track of our finances and receipts of EVERYTHING! Soon, it will also hold my coupons that I'm signing up for online and will be waiting for me at a friends house in Midland, MI! I'm following some awesome blogs that will show me the greatest deals each week. I've been watching, familiarizing myself with them, getting to know the gals, and when the day comes when we move to Midland this spring, I'll be printing away!!!! As for the ink money, I think some of our tax return will help pay for that! :) It just doesn't seem like we can buy it now, but in the long run it would probably SAVE me money to get the stupid ink...ugh...this one is the thorn in the flesh and creating the "stuck" feeling again....gotta get out of that!

OK...on we go!

My first and most important goal is to glorify my God in all my actions. Even typing in a blog.
Second is my family. I believe that God has put this burden in me to seek out good deals so that I can help our family survive!
Thridly, maybe I can be of help to others. Maybe I can make someone smile. I know that others have done so for me, so I just want to return the favor.

This blog has started out as a means for me to keep memories for myself. For family members to see what's happening in our lives. It will always be that way. This is a part of my life that I feel I want to add to my blog. Sharing how I've concoured the the world by getting freebies, coupons, and how I fed my family for less! This is part of the creativity in me. I'd like to pour myself in this.

Now...I have to wait...
Finish strong with Bible Revival this Spring
Ink for printer....
Move to Midland...
Get my coupons and freebies in the mail....
Read more blogs...
PRINT AND SHOP!!!! :) (wish me luck!)

If anyone has any tips, help, offers, comments, anything....PLEASE comment or email me!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Follow me @bethanyev

I LOVE twitter! I love the new friends I've made, the new blogs I've found, the mommy connections, and the PARTIES!!! I started tweeting in April of '09 and didn't really understand it at first. (As do most) Plus all I really had was twitterberry on my Blackberry and that didn't help a whole lot. But somewhere I found a friend who introduced me to this whole other world of giveaways. I like giveaways. I've won a few thing through blogging and entering giveaways in the blog sphere. But twitter was so much easier and fun!

Then...it happend! I found #ecowed. (heavenly music) I won my first prize at my second twitter party and it was THE GRAND PRIZE!!! I was hooked! (Sibu lotion is W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L!!!! and eco-friendly!)

From then on I found Ubertwitter (which is the greatest BB app for tweeting!) and my winnings have multiplied!!! I get so excited when I win, that I call my mom as soon I can!

Plus the mommies and people on twitter are so friendly and fun to chat with during and after the parties! You never leave the room without a new follower. They are also great encouragers!

Well, why am I telling you all this? I don't mean to post "hey look at me! I win stuff!"

Maybe I can be of an encouragement to those new twitterers, the ones who might be on the fence of trying it. I know I was one once. Don't give up. You might be seeing all these people winning things and it bugs you that you can't keep up. Don't worry. We are there to help you! Don't be afraid to ask! Everyone was a newbie before and I know I didn't learn on my own. It was certain people, people I don't even know outside of Twitter! It's fun and give it a try! I'm glad I did!

Here's a list of my favorite hostess's!
Resourceful Mommy
Mom It Forward
The Online Mom
3 Green Angels
Consumer Queen
The Coupon Cupboard

There's so much more to choose from!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OWOH giveaway!

I know I'm late, but don't worry! I have a winner for the OWOH giveaway!

I was surprised at the amount of comments I received! I'm looking forward to looking through the comments and visiting everyone's blogs!

And the winner is!!!!
I will be emailing you, lucky gal!

Thanks for participating and please come back again!

Where have I been??

I am so sorry for not updating this month! Things have been crazy and I've had the worst of luck the last couple of weeks.
If you recall from earlier posts, we are parked at Tabernacle Baptist church in Wilson, NC. During our first week, I had a wonderful time participating at the A Women Inspired Conferences! I learned a lot and met some nice gals and enjoyed listening to the wonderful speakers! So that took up most of my time and decided to use that excuse as to why I didn't post any pictures for the Project 365. I was taking a break... :)
The next week I did not feel well at all. I did something to my back, it did NOT stop raining for a week straight, Flo came to visit, , plus I had this headache that would not go away. So that's my excuse for not posting that week...
By the third week I thought maybe it's time to get out my laptop and post something to tell someone, whoever, that I am alive, I'm still here. But because of the 'nothingness' going on at our house, I had nothing to post about...no pics to post...It's been pretty boring. Joe's been in his make shift 'studio' working, searching for jobs, and looking for contacts, while Lincoln and I are home, playing, eating, and sleeping. That's pretty much it. So I've lost motivation really. And then, with my luck, Lincoln breaks the laptop accidentally. He pulled on the cord that was hanging from the counter top, and down went the laptop. The screen now is shattered inside...bummer. My bad. *sniff*
AND THEN!!!! My blog was hacked. Someone was posting ads and random things. It took a while to figure out the problem, but my wonderful hubby saved my blog! YEAH!!!
So there ya have it. Sorry. I'm back, I think. Just for my sake, I'm going to try and post more and get back to my 365 project. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

OWOH giveaway

Don't forget to scroll down to see more posts, as this one post will stay on top for a while! :)

*click on picture to be taken to OWOH*

I'm excited for this year's OWOH event! My mother introduced this 'blog hopping' experience to me last year, and I had a blast! The only difference was that I was attending OWOH through my husband's blog. This year, I'm here meeting you from my own lil place!

If you're new here, WELCOME! (If you already know me, you can skip this part!) Take a look around, don't be shy! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and make yourself at home! It won't take you long to notice that I blog quite a bit about my son, Lincoln! He's a very active 14-almost 15 month old! My little family travels with an Evangelistic team called Bible Revival. We've been on the road full time for almost two years now with our 'little house on wheels!' Right now we are in Wilson, NC. At the end of this spring tour, we are excited to see where God leads us next as we are branching out on our own and won't be traveling with Bible Revival.

That's just a little bit about me...but now on to the good stuff!

Have you noticed that my husband is an artist? :) Here's a drawing of my son when he was just a few months old! (All portraits are done in pencil.)

And here's one of my grandpa! Check out the detail!(Please visit Joe's Studio or his website to see his work and services that he provides!)

For my giveaway, the winner will receive a ONE SUBJECT, 9X12, personal portrait of there choice. (Loved one, pet, hey...why not yourself?!) That's pretty generous!

Giveaway ends February 14th, 12:00am EST. I'll draw the winner from random.org and will announce and contact the winner on February 15th. The winner will need to email me a picture that they would like Joe to draw. Easy right?! But wait...There's more!!! :)


*To enter, must leave a comment (ONE comment per person...or read on for an extra entry!)
*Make sure there's a way for me to contact you. (email, blog, twitter...)
*All my FACEBOOK friends are invited!!!! I'll just add your comments into my blog comments at the end of the contest! (*I'll even let you comment on Facebook AND blogger! That's ONE comment on Facebook, and ONE comment on blogger...That's double entries!!! Get going!)
*The winner has 48 hrs to respond. If I don't hear from them, I will choose a new winner!

Good Luck!
and Happy blogging! :) OH! and send some comment love to Joe! He'd like that!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Random things on the road today...

A big ah....ahem...butt...
And a church for truckers!
That was my day... :)
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365-19 Few of my favorite things

I've been at a lost on what I should capture today. So I went around the house and picked out some things that I like!


My Ghirardelli mix from mom for Christmas!
My "B" pearl thing from mom, again! :)
Dream Angels "Heavenly" and chap stick
His "CHEESE" grin :)
And those baby blue eyes!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I know you all already saw this...but here is Joe's piece that he calls 'Peekaboo'. The original is hanging at Spill The Beans and is for sale! I'm so proud of my hubby and thrilled to see at how God's using his talents to help/encourage others! Way to go hun!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Visit Joe's Studio! His website is finished and looking great!

Yesterday we went to Downtown Greenville and hung this piece in Spill The Beans! If you ever get a chance to visit, check out this sweet coffee shop on Main St. Thanks Abram and Sarah for letting us show off Joe's artwork!

I just love downtown and think that it would be awesome to live in the area! One of Joe's favorite place to visit is Jared Emerson's studio in Artist Row. Joe kind of knew him as they were kids, but within the last year we've gotten to know him better!

Here's Joe and Jared (Joe on the right!) in front of a piece that Jared did live. It's a picture of Christ with thorns on his head. Jared's been a huge inspiration to Joe to get started on his art business!

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