Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm so happy!!!!

This is a picture of Joe and me with two very special people in my life. My very good friends Cristie and AJ. This weekend I went home to rest and do so homework. It was a nice relaxing time, home by myself with the dog. Till AJ called around noon. It was so good to hear from him. I miss having him around NBBC. Then, couple hours later, Cristie called me. The happy news is that both Cristie and AJ will be here on campus this week. I'm so excited. Just like old times finally. :) We are going to party it up this weekend. I miss these two so much. I can't wait to hug Cristie and laugh with her and have all four of the dsh dsh dsh together again. Cristie and AJ are my family and I've been miserably here with out them. This is going to be an awesome week!!!!

This is a picture of Cristie when we took a Northland Gator around Reflection Lake...As you can see, we didn't pay attention to posted signs!
Me and Cristie at Dave's Falls. Man, that day was a blast. Thanks Cristie for all the good times.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Pray for the Doolittle family

I got this email today.

Doug Doolittle, a former staff member, passed away this afternoon after a battle with cancer. Please continue to pray for Diane (his wife), Lauranne, Wesley, and AJ (his children). Pray for Doug's parents, Diane's parents, as well as the siblings of both Doug and Diane.

I didn't know Mr. Doolittle at all. But through testimonies from other people, this man lived a life for God. My teacher Miss Wagar mentioned in class today at how amazed she is at how his wife is just a wonderful tesimony of God's grace in her life. I know that this will be hard for NBBC's faculty. They have been praying for Doug for a long time. Also remember family members. I don't know what it's like to lose a close family member. It's go to be hard. But praise God that He is still on His throne and is in control.
My thoughts and prayers are with the Doolittle family


It's SO cold here!!!! Remind me again why I'm here at Northland. I'm shivering right here in my seat. This morning was not a fun one. I woke up freezing cold. The furnace was not working. So I was looking forward to a lovely hot shower. No luck there either. Everyone in the trailer had used the hot water. So I took a quick lukewarm shower in a freezing cold trailer. I hate cold showers. It's an ugly start to an ugly day. But like brother Farrell says, "you attitude is your choice." I always remember Klarissa telling me that.
So, cold trailer, cold shower, next is the long walk to devos through the frozen tundra. It's so cold here, that each time you take a sniff, your nostrils stick together. hehehe. Nose freeze. This picture is where I wish I could be right now.
But I'm not going to have a bad attitude. I just got out of Doc Survey 2 with Dr. Doug Bennett. We are just getting into the topic of Angelology. I think it will be really interesting.
This semester is going to be quite different than any other semester. I've been walking around aimlessly or sitting in the rec hall a lot by my self the past few days. I think which is why I decided to get a blog site. I have so much time on my hands right now. Joe works mornings and then goes back to bed. Tuesday/Thursdays he doesn't have any classes. So there is no reason why he should come on campus. And then on Mon/Wed/Fri he has two classes after lunch. I don't think our schedules work out where we can eat lunch together. So my heart has been very heavy lately because I miss him very much. The only time I've really gotten to see him is at other activities where I'm working, or other people are around. Not that I don't like people's just that sometimes a girl would like to have her time alone with her man. You know? Well, Joe and I talked about that last night. Joe is such a good counselor and friend. He could see that I was down about it. He is very encouraging. I know that I won't be able to see Joe much this semester...But I'll use the times that we do get together and cherish them. In 169 days, we will be married and then spending the rest of our lives together. So my goal this semester is to finish hard, give all that I've have, bond closer with my girls, and seek God. Chapel will be starting in a half hour, so I must wrap things up here. I wish I was on the beach right now....
"After all, tomorrow is another day!" (Gone With the Wind)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

170 days to go!

Well here I am creating my very first blog. I thought this would be nice to keep an update on my up coming wedding. I'm kinda scared using a blog. I never really liked blogging. Just never was my thing. So here I go off into the world of blogging.
Right now I'm into my third day of school for the second semester. After this semester is graduation!!! YEAH!!! And then work for two months, and then a wedding on July 14th!! If any one is interested, look up our website there you'll get some idea on what's going on.
Anyways. Hi....My name is Bethany. I rather be called Beth. I'm engaged to Joseph Everson. (He's wonderful!) Our wedding is July 14, 2007. We got engaged Christmas night in Menominee, MI on the shores of Lake Michagan. Joe is taking 6 credits this semester and is working part time at the Fed-Ex Ground in Iron Mountain. I'm taking 17 credits, working in the Athletic Dept. After the wedding Joe and I are planning on moving to Midland, MI and working near Calvary Baptist Church. For a year we will be there raising support from local churches. After that we will be joining the Bible Revival team with Joe's brother Ben Everson and his wife Amanda and three children. We are very excited to see how God will provide as we will need to find a truck and trailer that we will call "home".
Please pray for us as we are very anxious to start our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. But first we will need the funds to start a new family. If you would like to see what Bible Revival is, go to
Thank you for looking at my blog. Please feel free to look around and comment on anything...I enjoy any kind of responses. :) Until we meet again....

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