Wednesday, January 17, 2007

170 days to go!

Well here I am creating my very first blog. I thought this would be nice to keep an update on my up coming wedding. I'm kinda scared using a blog. I never really liked blogging. Just never was my thing. So here I go off into the world of blogging.
Right now I'm into my third day of school for the second semester. After this semester is graduation!!! YEAH!!! And then work for two months, and then a wedding on July 14th!! If any one is interested, look up our website there you'll get some idea on what's going on.
Anyways. Hi....My name is Bethany. I rather be called Beth. I'm engaged to Joseph Everson. (He's wonderful!) Our wedding is July 14, 2007. We got engaged Christmas night in Menominee, MI on the shores of Lake Michagan. Joe is taking 6 credits this semester and is working part time at the Fed-Ex Ground in Iron Mountain. I'm taking 17 credits, working in the Athletic Dept. After the wedding Joe and I are planning on moving to Midland, MI and working near Calvary Baptist Church. For a year we will be there raising support from local churches. After that we will be joining the Bible Revival team with Joe's brother Ben Everson and his wife Amanda and three children. We are very excited to see how God will provide as we will need to find a truck and trailer that we will call "home".
Please pray for us as we are very anxious to start our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. But first we will need the funds to start a new family. If you would like to see what Bible Revival is, go to
Thank you for looking at my blog. Please feel free to look around and comment on anything...I enjoy any kind of responses. :) Until we meet again....


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