Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New happenings {special announcement!}

No! I'm not pregnant!!!

Joe's Studio is getting a make over, so make sure to stop by to check it out! We are testing out new layouts for his website and would appreciate any ideas or comments as to how it looks! If you don't know my husband yet, please check out his blog here. He is a very (handsome) talented artist who works mostly with pencil. He is capable of using charcoal, colored pencil, and water color. Photography on the side as well! Our dream is to someday own an art studio where he can display and sell his work!
For the last couple months we've been selling prints of his work in the churches we've come in contact as we travel with the Bible Revival Team. Through this, we've seen God open doors and opportunities that we've hadn't had elsewhere! Joe's been so encouraged to see his artwork used as a way of a ministry to people!

~New NEWS~
Within the last week, a possible opportunity(s) has approached us and we are seeking wisdom and advice as to what/where we should go. We are still traveling for Bible Revival until the end of the spring tour, but will need to start looking for another source of income after our last week of meetings, like last summer. The only thing different is that we won't be joining back with the traveling team in the fall. *sniff* The Joe Everson family will no longer be traveling full time with Bible Revival.

It's sad and exciting. Bittersweet. We will miss Ben and Amanda and the kids. But at the same time, we are looking forward to where God is leading both families!

~Back to the opportunities approaching~ Joe's Studio is expanding! Right now we are seeking any leads in the Greenville, SC area. We are open to anything. From teaching in a school, to giving lessons one on one. We are looking into Co-op classes with homeschoolers in Greenville, or Wilson, NC. If you know of any leads, ideas, or even interested in his work, please contact us! We'd also appreciate your prayers as we are looking for work and a potential place to call our permanent home!

I don't like heading into the unknown, and am trying to give it all to the Lord and trust him with our future. Money is tight and work is hard to find. But the Lord knows!

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  1. OMGosh you lost me at Wilson NC. I used to live there & I love it! LOVE IT! Very beautiful prints too.


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