Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crock-pot cooking and 365-10

Some days I get the urge to create something scrumptious and I get all excited when all the ingredients come together, the smells make my mouth water, waiting patiently to taste that first bite of my new creation!!! But all too many times it ends in FAILURE!

I can cook somethings. Well...(My hubby can tell you what meals I use and abuse over and over!)
I love to eat...
My favorite appliance is the Crock-pot...

So I SHOULD be able to make new things every now and then, right?!

Looks pretty easy, don't you think?
Here's how mine turned out...I Call it:

I did do some things differently...maybe you can tell me where I went wrong...

1. I used cream of mushroom when it called for cream of chicken (why would that matter? And I couldn't find cream of chick. at Aldi)

2. Aldi didn't have the wild rice instant stuff I was looking for. So I just used chicken flavored instant rice... (I think I'm noticing a pattern here. I'll blame Aldi for my bad cooking!)

3. I used baby carrots instead of 4 regular carrots. :)

4. I cooked it on low for most of the time, and then turned it to high for the last hour...(that seemed to burn the sides a little...)

5. Right before I served it, I tore up the chicken into bite size pieces... It looked a mess anyways...why not give it some more character?!

It came out real sticky and thick. Almost gravy like. Nothing like the picture in the cookbook. No Creamy Chicken here. I think something was messed up with the instant rice packet/seasoning, where I probably should have used more water.
The picture that you see here, is lunch the next day. So it got thicker the older it was! Joe said it was good. (which's ok...) I thought it tasted fine. Lincoln ate his plate...But it just doesn't look the greatest! And that's how most of my first-time-attempt meals turn out.

Today I'll blame Aldi and a crock-pot that cooks a little too hot! :)

I'm NOT gonna tell you about my Indian Fry Bread story...(whaaahahaha) :(


  1. Well, for one Rice is very important the success of a recipe. Wild rice mix has a completely different texture them other rices, and is more of a dry end process, then a creamy soft one. KWIM?

    Changing the chicken to mushroom is fine.

    I learned my lesson when trying for YEARS to make my Mom's Chicken-N-Rice recipe. I felt like a idiot every time I tried, because it always comes out dry.

    So, I wrote her recipe down word for word from her own the process we figured out she ONLY buys Uncle Bens rice (which is over $7 a bag!) and I only bought CHEAP rice. That was what was wrong, not my cooking it! So, I bought Uncle Ben's and it comes out perfect EVERY time!

    When I pick up the bag of $7 rice my hubby balks, and then I say do you want Chicken-n-Rice? He smiles and puts it in the cart!

    Also my 13 yo Chef want to be has been experimenting with making Chinese Fried Rice. She has figured out she needs a dryer rice and instant is too dry! So, there ya go.

  2. I love my crock pot too. I have trouble with recipes all the time. Still looks good...just not like the picture. LOL

  3. Instant rice in crock pot... not good. I use Aldi's rice - but the one that comes in a bag. It's sold right by the rice (at mine on the bottom self).

    Sorry it was not a success!

  4. I was about to try a recipe for chicken and wild rice in the crock pot that my sister gave me. I will let you know how it turns out and if it turns out well, I will email you the recipe. :)

    I wish we had an Aldi's in Austin. We had one in Alabama and the milk and several things were so much cheaper there.


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