Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas '09

Christmas Morning!

He loves his puppy from Grandma and Grandpa Everson!
Here we are in 2010. How weird is that? 2009 went by SO fast! I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone, New Year's is over, and stores are getting ready for Valentine's Day...

~Little bit about our Christmas~
We spent Christmas as a family in Greenville, SC and then went to my Aunt and Uncle's in Spartanburg for lunch. We even had the chance to open presents with my family back in Wisconsin over Skype Christmas Morning!

Lincoln playing with his tool set from daddy!

Opening presents with daddy

~Holidays and sickies~

Holidays don't seem to do well for my body. I was sick for Thanksgiving, and then had a migraine Christmas Eve, and have been sick with a head cold since New Year's Eve. I don't think I'm stressed out during the holidays, since I'm not the one usually entertaining and having to worry about all that stuff. But this time of year is a usual for me to getting sick.

Because of the holidays and sickies, I've gotten behind on things and hope to get on the ball. Today I spent the afternoon taking the Christmas decor down. Now I have an empty hole and it looks like something's missing.
While Lincoln and I were sick, we had our share of cable tv, cartoons, movies, with tissues surrounding us on the bed. I did enjoy reading my new books that I got from mom for Christmas! :)
We're also having fun with the Snow's. I really do hope that we aren't over staying our stay. There's just so much Wii and leftovers there! :) And Lincoln likes to chase Jack! (the cat)

I better finish up this post! Now it's time for a game of CLUE with the Snow kids!


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