Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Please check out my recent post for a special announcement!

Organizing the pantry!!!! (du du duunnnnn...)

I'm taking a step of faith and letting you all see my messing pantry. But it was about time for me to get in there and reorganize the mess. For the last couple trips we've made, stuff was falling out, cereal everywhere, sugar spilled, and lots of frustration when I had to look for something...

Before:Everything thrown around...Lincoln decided to help and eat some of the left over cereal! Which was a bad idea! I turn around to throw something away, and Lincoln thought it'd be cool to DUMP the entire box of chex onto the floor! (I was seriously not happy when I took this shot!)

I'm kinda disappointed that the before and after pics look the same. I'm telling the truth, I DID organize this closet! It looks MUCH better in person. :) I took everything out and even wiped it down top to bottom!
I didn't go out and buy special containers like I should have. But everything IS more organized and I did get rid of lots of things that were outdated. I even found some extra things to put into the Haitian pantry that the church in Ducan, GA was putting together.
I can find things a lot easier and nothing fell out today when we drove back to Greenville!


  1. Great job! I know pics don't do it justice!

  2. YOu have totally motivated me. I so need to do this. I just cleaned my house top to bottom now it is time for the closets. Ugh.


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