Monday, January 11, 2010

365 days 1-7

I know I'm late...I didn't have access to internet over the weekend. Sorry mom! (She was excited about this!) :) So here's my first entry for Project 365 where I will attempt to take a photo/photos everyday this year!
Day 1
Lincoln is no longer my little baby boy anymore... He has turned into a boy. The past few weeks his face has grown and it doesn't look so baby'ish. *sniff* It's kinda sad...

Day 2I was going through our finances and budget and you know that sick feeling in your gut..."how are we going to make it this month?" (Seems to come up everything month at some point, doesn't it?) Then this verse popped into my head. (sorry, bad shot) "
"With man this is IMPOSSIBLE, but with God all things are POSSIBLE!" Matt. 19:36
So I have this sticky note in my day planner to remind me that everything is possible with God!

Day 3I love sneaking in a few shots of Lincoln sleeping. He's always so peaceful and cute looking! During nap time, I like to get some reading done! Right now, I'm on the second book in the Twilight Saga! LOVE IT!!! Thanks mom! :) (She's giving away a book on her should check it out!)
Day 4My house feels empty now that the Christmas decorations are gone. I love the lights, smells, and tastes of Christmas. Here's what's leftover from Christmas!

Day 5Lincoln's on this new kick of taking stuff from where they belong and finding a new place for them. Here he has canned goods in his Lego box. And you can see the helicopter in the background with a block that doesn't fit!

This year, I've decided to dedicate each week to a different part of the house that needs organizing! This week was Lincoln's toys! His little "toy box" (a diaper box) was over flowing after birthday and Christmas presents! It was time to upgrade!
(Lincoln telling me: "mommy, it's time for a new toy box!")

We bought a new container and got rid of that ugly diaper box! YEAH for organizing! It looks better! And Lincoln has all his toys and books in the drawers where he still has easy access! (YES...he's playing with a fly swatter...don't worry. IT'S CLEAN!)

Day 7
Sunday was the big game. Even though the Packers didn't win...*sniff* Lincoln still looked pretty cute in his jersey! :)
I asked him to smile and this is the shot I got! HA! What a face!"GO!"

Hope my week was interesting enough for you! It was fun trying to find new things and new ways to take pictures. Now onto a new week!


  1. That was a fun post!! Boy, that kid has some wild hair. ;) I like the new drawers for his toys!! AND did you see the picture that was on the front page of the Press Gazette??? I'll send it to you.

  2. Some great shots - your boy is adorable!

  3. what a full week!! you got some wonderful shots!

  4. your son is adorable! love his name too!!!
    and I am glad you have found my blog too!! I look forward to getting to "know you" too :)
    AND you're doing the 365!! awesome!

    just wait til the next book--you will be totally moon was my least fav bc of the lack of Edward...but gets better

  5. Some great photos - especially the Packers one! :) Great job on organizing as well. Looks awesome!

  6. Good job on all the organizing. Cute little boy you have there!!

  7. Those were cute. i love that verse and that is so true...we just put a new roof and gutters on our house and I am looking at the budget Lord? He provides. great picture choices. Your baby boy is adorable.

  8. Awesome! Love the reorganized photos.

    What a Cutie!

  9. I loved this post-good pics that really show what life is like around there! Lincoln is so cute! I love his name! It fits him! :) Good for you for actually organizing! I keep meaning to.... :)

  10. Too cute! I love the fact that you and your family travel, we dream of a "home on wheels" for regular weekend get aways one day!..


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