Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where have I been??

I am so sorry for not updating this month! Things have been crazy and I've had the worst of luck the last couple of weeks.
If you recall from earlier posts, we are parked at Tabernacle Baptist church in Wilson, NC. During our first week, I had a wonderful time participating at the A Women Inspired Conferences! I learned a lot and met some nice gals and enjoyed listening to the wonderful speakers! So that took up most of my time and decided to use that excuse as to why I didn't post any pictures for the Project 365. I was taking a break... :)
The next week I did not feel well at all. I did something to my back, it did NOT stop raining for a week straight, Flo came to visit, , plus I had this headache that would not go away. So that's my excuse for not posting that week...
By the third week I thought maybe it's time to get out my laptop and post something to tell someone, whoever, that I am alive, I'm still here. But because of the 'nothingness' going on at our house, I had nothing to post about...no pics to post...It's been pretty boring. Joe's been in his make shift 'studio' working, searching for jobs, and looking for contacts, while Lincoln and I are home, playing, eating, and sleeping. That's pretty much it. So I've lost motivation really. And then, with my luck, Lincoln breaks the laptop accidentally. He pulled on the cord that was hanging from the counter top, and down went the laptop. The screen now is shattered inside...bummer. My bad. *sniff*
AND THEN!!!! My blog was hacked. Someone was posting ads and random things. It took a while to figure out the problem, but my wonderful hubby saved my blog! YEAH!!!
So there ya have it. Sorry. I'm back, I think. Just for my sake, I'm going to try and post more and get back to my 365 project. :)

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  1. Welcome back! And see crazy stuff happens when you skip out on us! LOL


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