Saturday, February 20, 2010

My goal for this summer....

I had so much going on in my head last night while I was typing the last post, that I rambled on some more and didn't quite finish because it got pretty late. I haven't been near a real computer for a while and my mind was buzzing. My thoughts were like spaghetti. One thing reminded me of something, then I'd get side tracked...and then side tracked with that...

That's how I feel my blog is. I hope I make sense to who ever reads my blog! I'm learning. Please bear with me as I'm not much of a writer either! I was telling Joe, some day my blog will be something. I think it will be! I'm just going at it very slowly!


Just recently (2 weeks ago) I had a dry spell with twittering as I wasn't feeling well, laptop broke, EVERYONE was going to Blissdom at the Opry Land Hotel...(the coolest/neatest Hotel) I just had to step back and get away from my lil twitter world. It has to happen sometimes.

So I replaced my twitter time with thinking and reading blogs.

Money is REALLY tight, as I'm sure a lot of you are feeling the crunch finances puts on us all; and I was really drawn to these wonderful gals who talk about couponing. I've always been interested, and really want to do this. I feel that this is something I can do to help my family in this time of need! I WANT TO BECOME A COUPON QUEEN!!!! It was SO nice to listen to $5 Dinners at the A Woman Inspired Webinar on how she uses coupons and how she takes on the challenge of making dinner for the family with $5! GOOD wholesome, filling meals!

It's hard though when you travel from state to state. I'm sure it's possible. But when there's a church scheduled for meetings during the week we are so busy everynight. I'd like to have time to do the shopping, be organized and actually ENJOY, not hate saving money let alone the grocery shopping!! (if that makes any sense.) Another thing is that when we are at a church for a week of meetings, they take care of our lunches. So...that's a plus in not having to buy groceries. Each week varies too. So one week I don't have to buy groceries where the next week I will. I also noticed that on the weeks when our lunches were taken care of, we end up eating out for supper. Which I don't like doing a whole lot...

Plus, when I only see my mail every 3 months...(if even) and then I don't even have the money to buy ink for that highly expensive printer...I feel so stuck.

So...with a lot of thinking, reading, and researching during my down time from the laptop and next to nothing twitter, (remember, still have my BB!) here's what's happening:

I created a spiral notebook that is my "Financial Record/coupon" book. Right now I'm keeping track of our finances and receipts of EVERYTHING! Soon, it will also hold my coupons that I'm signing up for online and will be waiting for me at a friends house in Midland, MI! I'm following some awesome blogs that will show me the greatest deals each week. I've been watching, familiarizing myself with them, getting to know the gals, and when the day comes when we move to Midland this spring, I'll be printing away!!!! As for the ink money, I think some of our tax return will help pay for that! :) It just doesn't seem like we can buy it now, but in the long run it would probably SAVE me money to get the stupid ink...ugh...this one is the thorn in the flesh and creating the "stuck" feeling again....gotta get out of that!

OK...on we go!

My first and most important goal is to glorify my God in all my actions. Even typing in a blog.
Second is my family. I believe that God has put this burden in me to seek out good deals so that I can help our family survive!
Thridly, maybe I can be of help to others. Maybe I can make someone smile. I know that others have done so for me, so I just want to return the favor.

This blog has started out as a means for me to keep memories for myself. For family members to see what's happening in our lives. It will always be that way. This is a part of my life that I feel I want to add to my blog. Sharing how I've concoured the the world by getting freebies, coupons, and how I fed my family for less! This is part of the creativity in me. I'd like to pour myself in this.

Now...I have to wait...
Finish strong with Bible Revival this Spring
Ink for printer....
Move to Midland...
Get my coupons and freebies in the mail....
Read more blogs...
PRINT AND SHOP!!!! :) (wish me luck!)

If anyone has any tips, help, offers, comments, anything....PLEASE comment or email me!


  1. You probably already go there, but Money Saving Mom is my fav savings blog! Freebies 4 Mom is pretty good, too. Also, is a great savings resource - it's a forum and members post all kinds of helpful info for just about any store you can think of! I've found it really helpful to save money and eat at home when I make a weekly or monthly menu plan.

    Saving money sometimes takes a LOT of time and patience, so just stick with it and you will certainly see the rewards!!

  2. My sister says is great for finding coupon offers state by state. I am also trying to get into using coupons. I have heard a lot of people say they save a lot. Especially if they can find stores that take double coupons. Also, my sister buys double sunday newspapers at dollar tree to get coupons. I wish you luck! Every little bit of savings helps!


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