Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where did February go?

I can't believe that six weeks have come and gone and that we are packing up leaving Wilson, NC. Where did the month of February go? Here's some pictures that I took this past month. I didn't take a whole lot b/c of lack of internet connection, lack of creativity on my part, and lack of camera usage. Joe was always taking it from our house and using it in his studio. Oh well. Here's some from my phone

It snowed here a few times...I thought we were far enough south that we wouldn't see the white stuff. But we did.

My niece Elena turned 7! Pink and yellow bday cake, of course! YUM!

Lincoln checking out the cake!

We went to the mall a few times just to walk around. Lincoln liked the water fountain. He's getting so big. Everyday it amazes me just how big he's getting!

The other day Lincoln fell asleep on a toy and it did this to his head! Little bumps on his forehead! haha! I laughed when I saw his cute lil head all with bed hair and rosy cheeks. So adorable!

He keeps me happy even on sick days.
This past week both Everson families have gotten hit with some type of stomach flu...I'm glad that Lincoln didn't get it too bad. But I was sick in bed for a day and Lincoln tried his best while daddy was gone teaching. He rubbed my head, woke me up at key moments on Sesame Street to tell me what was going on, and gave me kisses!

I wish I had more to tell. Our visit here was wonderful. I appreciate for the people here at Tabernacle allowing us to park here for 6 weeks! We will definitely miss the people here. But I'm ready to start the Spring tour and head up north to see my family! Near the end of our tour we will be in Gillette, WI where some very dear friends of mine are located. So I'm VERY excited about that! Then my sister and my best friend will both be graduating from Northland International University and we will stick around for a week with friends and family in my hometown! So yeah, I'm anxious to get home! Then we are off to start a new chapter in our lives! Seeking where God wants us! It's exciting! :)


  1. Sounds like you are going to get to have a nice visit with Jon and Kim and kids. Your pictures of Lincoln are so adorable. Can't believe he is just standing there next to Joe...yes, where does the time go.
    Love you Beth,


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