Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whirlwind of life is about to hit!!!

I don't even know where to start. Or how to begin what's happening. I don't even know my self what's happening. I'm just holding on tight and waiting for the whirlwind to come!

Joe and I thought we were finishing up traveling with Bible Revival at the end of the Spring Tour. Because of last minute changes, and some happenings in Midland, we are planning on moving up to Midland after our performance on March, 21. Houses are selling now for pretty cheap in Midland! But I don't want to just buy one because it's cheap...We've been doing some house shopping online, a good friend has been checking out the houses for us, and sending pics while taking tours at his own risk! :)

Please pray for us if you remember! I feel like every thing's happening so fast! I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know I just need to trust in God.

Right now we do have a trailer to live in, but we'll probably have to sell it if we get a house soon. (And it won't be fun to live in during Michigan winters!) Joe does have a job, praying that they'll pick up some decent work so that we can save up some money! I just got a phone call yesterday from a potential job that won't be anymore. It was ideal because I could keep Lincoln with me while babysitting. So I'm looking and praying for any opportunities that are out there for me to work but keep Lincoln as well.

I guess the main thing that I feel is that this part of my life, the traveling, Bible Revival, meeting new people, GREENVILLE (I'll miss the most!), is coming to an end all too soon! Like I feel as if there's no closure to it. I'll miss some of the traveling and other things about it. But I am excited about Midland. Being settled in one church, being active in that church, hanging out with friends, being near to family, having a place to call home! Ok, now I feel better!

Goodbye travel life. Thanks for the fun and memories!


  1. Hey... check with the church/school about a position ad a classroom aid during the summer program. :) Just an idea.

  2. I wish you both the best in this new direction in your life. One phase is over, leaving room for new and bigger horizons. Cherish the memories from the past and look forward to what is coming! ;) Hope you find a home that you can enjoy owning, if that is what is right for you now. We will be looking for one later too. (After I get work!) I am trying to finish up medical transcription school now.

    ((BIG HUG))

  3. Congrats on the Midland opportunity. I know that you know that it will all work out, but I will definitely keep you in my prayers :)


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