Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shopping trips

UPDATE!!! I forgot to add totals of amount paid and total amount saved!!!!
Total spent: $46.65
Total saved: $36.15

I did it! I went shopping with a handful of coupons for the first time! I actually saved money! It did take me a L-O-N-G time to find the items and to make sure I had the right items...Lincoln did a very good job sitting in the cart for so long!
Here's what I did:

Total: $5.39
Saved: $17.30
(Joe drank his frappuccino before I could take the picture)
When I got home and took this picture I was a little disappointed. I spent all that time LOOKING and this is all I came home with??!!! Then I look at the receipt and think, "I SAVED $17.30???!!! WOW!!!" So that makes me feel a little happy!
I'll have to do a better job at recording where I got all my coupons so that I can share with you. Does anyone have any way they do that? Please share! :)

My favorite items are the Tylenol PM that I got for $0.99! and the Starbucks Frappuccino for $0.25 each!!

I didn't get a picture of my Wal-mart purchase. I was a little more disappointed with that trip. I know it will take time and I will learn how to shop with coupons. But this Wal-mart here in Wilson, NC is confusing to me. I can't find anything and they did not have a lot of the items I was looking for. Another thing was that some of the items weren't on sale like I thought they would be. I know each Wal-mart is a little different with sale items. Oh well. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it once we get settled in Midland. It took me F-O-R-E-V-E-R though!! I'm so glad that Lincoln was content for most of the shopping trip!

Total :$27.61
Saved: $6.00

So as you can see, I didn't save much. I didn't get to use all the coupons that I would have liked...But I'm happy with what I got; it should last us all week. Ham steaks were on sale, so we will be having that probably for two separate meals. (cheezy rice & ham, and maybe a breakfast for dinner thing???) I bought pizza ingredients that will go along with the olives that I bought at Walgreens. Some of the other items were things that I wouldn't normally buy, but I got them for $1 or less with the coupons. Like fruit snacks and Toaster Strudels...

Total: $13.65
Saved: $12.85

This time I had Joe come with me. It went faster, and he also volunteered to run back to grab the Little Debbie cupcakes b/c I accidentally grabbed Hostess.

The Sobe Life water were free, one package of Oreos were free, the Little Debbie Cupcakes and V8 juice were $.50 each because I did a price match with the flyer from Big Lots and used coupons on both. (next time I'll try to remember where I got the coupons. I'm learning!!) For the diapers I stacked a $2.00 coupon from coupons.com with a $1.50 coupon from Target.com.

I promise to keep track of where I get my coupons from now on. I do most of my printing from coupons.com and Target.com. Plus I follow some great bloggers who do a lot of the work for me! ;)

To get your free package of Oreos, visit the Nabisco Fan page. They reset the coupon to last another day. So hurry! You have till midnight tonight!

So that was my first attempt. How'd I do? I have a long way to go, I know. But it was fun...kinda...in a way...next time maybe Lincoln will stay with daddy! ;)


  1. Not bad at ALL! :-) "coincidentally" I read this post yesterday - now I need to get organized! :-)



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