Monday, March 1, 2010

Swagbucks with a new look!

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Have you ever tried Swagbucks? Well you gotta check it out! Swagbucks just had a birthday this past week and things have changed! You still can win prizes and swagbucks just by searching the Internet as usual! But every thing's double now! WOW!!! I was shocked when I saw how much bucks I received the other day! It made me so happy! :D

Even though I don't get much computer time, every time I do search through Swagbucks, I at least get 5-10 Swag! I haven't been up to date like I should be because I use my phone so much to do my Internet searching. (Swagbucks needs to get a Storm app soon!!!) But look around and check it out for yourself! I have enough now for a gift card. I think I'll get an Amazon gift card so I can buy Breaking Dawn! (Can't wait!!!)

I know some of my friends use Swagbucks to get Starbucks gift cards, music, Barns & Noble cards...your options are endless! Imagine, paying for your Starbucks coffee because all you did was use Swagbucks as your search engine!!!

For those die hard Swaggers, keep a lookout for Swag codes that the Swagger-guy hands out. Through out the day he'll hide them and when you find them....MORE SWAGBUCKS FOR YOU!!! :) It's fun and free!

Start searching through the swidget that I have at the top of my blog, or click 'sign up' to get started! (facebookers need to go to my blog to see!) Or click here. The more friends your refer, the more bucks you get! So get started!

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  1. I can never find swag codes... drives me nuts


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