Friday, June 6, 2008


Please remember to keep us in your prayers. We are currently looking at this Brookside travel trailer for our new home.

We were set on a different one just two days ago. We've been praying about it for a couple months, and thought the Lord was directing us to a certain trailer. The other day we decided to go take a look once more. On the lot there were new trailers that had just arrived so we thought we would take a look around just to see what was new.

The first one we stepped into, we fell in love. It's about the same price as the one we were set on, plus I found one on-line in Salem, WI priced lower than the one here in Midland. So Joe is talking to both dealers, trying to make the best deal he can get. I didn't take any pictures, but I do have some from the internet. The main reason why we love it so much is b/c of all the storage space there is. Most trailers don't have big enough closets or decent bathrooms. This one seemed to have all the options!

This is the layout of the trailer. (32 ft in length, two slides)

Kitchen/door into bathroom (looking towards the back of trailer)

Living room area. Free standing chairs is something we've been looking for. Couch turns into a bed. (air mattress) It's amazing where they come up with storage options. The table top, under the chair cushions, and under the couch is a drawer.

Looking toward the front of trailer is the bed room. Full closets with mirrors on the doors. Some really nice touches are the doors. They slide to make a wall/double door to the bedroom. It makes the trailer look homier instead of a "camper" feel.

A closer view into the bedroom. Here's the vanity shelf.

There isn't a good picture of the bathroom on the website. But the bathroom is probably my favorite. It is a nice size bathroom. The sink is next to the shower. The best is the full size closet and linen closet. The full size closet has a hanging rack, and the linen closet is big!

Well that's the tour of our potential house! (i know, not much to look at) But we've done our research and have looked at many places. Many people have been so generous and helped us out on the way. We have set up a trailer fund on if you would like to check that out! Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you all soon in our new home! Please pray!!! :)


  1. now your blog is the cutest blog on the block, you copy cat!! ;)


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