Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our new home

The last two days have been very frustrating for me. I could rant on and on and vent a little bit. But to spare you the time I will not. To make a long story short, through all the hard obstacles God is still good. We are now sitting in our trailer enjoying the new home. The Wheeler's are letting us park the trailer in their driveway for a while so we can load up.
Here are some pics of the day.

Here we are the dealership, just bought the trailer! It's ours!!!

It look SO HUGE sitting out on the street. I don't know how Joe backed it into the lil drive way!

But he did an excellent job at it. It only took him about two tries!

We're home! We started moving in. Hopefully next week we will be on a site that will provide sewer and water hookup. We do have electricity right now. (hence I'm using a computer from inside the trailer!)

The "preggy" picture that I promised. I can't believe that I'm almost half way through the pregnancy. This shot is about 19 wks and 5 days. Almost 20 wks now. wow. I don't think the picture does justice. I feel huge

I don't know how many more pics I'll be able to post. This morning we found that someone went through our truck and stole two cameras and some cords for our portable dvd player. I was very upset. I cried on the way to picking up the trailer. I wanted to take pictures of the whole experience of buying our new trailer. I'm so thankful that the Wheelers showed up and let us borrow their camera. They have been such a blessing.

We were able to find the cords that were stolen. The next door neighbor was cleaning out her flower garden in her front yard and found the pile of cords in her plants. At least we have that. I'm just praying that something will come up.
Until next time...We are just loading up our new home!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. Well, you surely look pregnant now!! Dad says, "You'd better lock that trailer up when you're not there!" We're so excited for you - except that we just realized that the week you will be here is basketball camp.
    (When you post pictures and you drag them to a different spot, you have to delete lots of spaces sometimes or you get the gaps.)

  2. Hi you three
    I'm so sorry about your camera. What a huge bummer. But so glad you got to borrow one. Jon and Kim had their camcorder, with all the family tapes, stolen out of his truck. We used to have sooooo many neat family videos, now we don't thanks to the thief.
    You look great Bethany :) It was so nice to hear from you in my comments.
    Hugs and looking forward to seeing you,
    Pam and John too <><


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