Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I really want to get some photos of me and my growing belly up and posted. But every time I think of it, the camera is with Joe in the truck gone to work. Bummer.
Anyways. It seems that the past week and half the lil guy has been on a growth spurt. He's alive and kicking. Joe felt him for the first time couple days ago. I had a lady ask me my due date and then she said, "Are you sure you're not having twins?!" Come on now, I'm not THAT big! He already seems to have a schedule of his own. Usually I'm up at 8:30am to make Joe's lunch. This morning Joe and I were able to sleep in for an hour. But not the lil guy. He was ready to get up at 8:30am! Night time right before bed he's been very active as well.
Last week we went looking for rummage sales. I couldn't resist. I bought three sleepers and two blankets at one rummage sale. That was it. Joe says that the baby needs more blue stuff, since what I bought was yellow with just a lil bit of blue.
Saturday is the day we go and pick up our trailer. We are very excited. We should be able to park it here at the Wheelers so we can load it up. I have a lot of junk to go through, and I haven't even really started. It's crunch time. Next week is going to be so busy. I have an eye appointment, doctor's appointment, work, rummage sale all weekend, (selling, not buying) and moving into a trailer. Plus Ben and Amanda will be in town and we will be helping them set up for the rummage sale next weekend. It will be busy, and I know that the next two months are going to fly by so fast. August is creeping up on us. The 5th is when we start training in Alabama.
The Lord has been good to us. There are a few things that I don't have once we leave the Wheeler's. They have offered up so much of their home to us. I've been looking for sheets, blankets, pots and pans, and towels for our new home. I told Mrs. Wheeler about everything that I need to get. She kindly gave me the extra set of pots and pans that I have been using the past year while we were here, and a new set of bathroom towels. The Lord is providing!
I'm looking forward to coming home to Wisconsin in August. It will be a short stay, but I can't wait to see everyone! I will get photos up soon of everything that's going on this week!

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  1. Hi
    How fun to read your blog. Love the photos and the baby ticker.
    Can't wait to see you three when you get "home".
    Hug, blessings and many prayers,
    Pam and John too :)


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