Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally settled in!

The busyness has finally gone down and we are happily settled into our little home. A friend of Ben and Amanda offered their property for us to hook up till we are ready for Alabama at the end of July. Here we have power, cable, and sewer hook up. While we were parked at the church last week, we didn't have enough power to run our AC. Joe loves the fact that when he gets home from working outside all day, he can now turn on the AC with out worrying that we will lose power. We had an eventful week with helping out with the rummage sale for Ben and Amanda, Joe helped some friends move out of their house, we moved out of our lil basement, doctor's appointment, and running around everywhere for other odd reasons. I'm glad to be settled in and just to get some relaxation.
The next thing that we need to do is buy tires and a suspension package for our truck. The tires on the back aren't the best for towing something this size. We are praying that the Lord will provide before we make the trip to Alabama. Sad to say, we aren't sure if we will make it to Wisconsin at the end of July. If we get the tires in time and save enough, there is a possibility of us traveling to Wisconsin. I'm praying!!!


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