Monday, July 14, 2008

Love of my life

It's been an awesome year married to my best friend. I can't believe how fast it's gone by. Everyday I find myself falling in love with him more and more. I really don't take the time that I should to appreciate my husband. I could not ask for anyone better. He's caring, loving, patient, funny, knows me like no one else does. He's a hard worker and fun to be with. I can't imagine life without him. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband who loves me.

Thank you Joe, for the best year ever. I love you so much and I can't wait to see what's to come this next year! My prayer is that I'll love you with unconditional love, to be the best help meet that I can be, and to be a Godly wife/mother for the rest of my days.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! What a wonderful post!! Love you guys!

  2. I've just spent some time catching up on you guys! Your trailor is very nice. Your little bitty belly is soooo cute! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! I had a one -week old baby on my 1 year anniversary. :( :) I love the look of your blog. nice job!


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