Friday, May 30, 2008

Yep! It's a boy!

None of the pictures will really show that he's a boy. But it was so funny when I asked if she could tell and she said that it was probably too soon to tell. But after looking for a lil bit, sure thing...He's a BOY!

Big smile for the camera!

No more pictures please!!!

Waving to the camera! (thumbs up? Peace? Joe thought he was saying "loser")

Wednesday was an eventful day. First I thought I was sick from my mixture of medication and prenatal vitamins, then maybe it was a weird spurt of morning sickness that lasted all day, (I never really had morning sickness) or it was something that I ate that day. I could not keep anything down. Although McDonald's did do pretty well...for a few hours! I feel much better today.
We do have an idea for a name right now. But I'll let you all know when we feel it's a good time to announce it! (I know some people know already...) Sometime soon I'll post some "preggy" pics of me. (maybe) :)


  1. OK...not sure if I know the name. Just got back from Green Bay & found some things there. It was lots of fun - even got a small umbrella stroller that was in great shape that we can use whenever you're here ($1.00!!!) Cute shoes & a hat, must send you a pic (got a new camera, too).

  2. Congrats again, Beth (and JOE)! These are super cute pictures. I'm glad you're feeling better- please post pics! :)

  3. Congrats on Baby Boy Everson! I am so excited for you and do look forward to seeing some preggo pics. The pictures you got of you litle guy are so neat!! I never got the 3D...or 4D ultrasound pics...but I love looking at other people's! Keep us posted:)


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