Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boy it's been a long time since I've signed in to blog. Oh how I've missed it and enjoyed not blogging at the same time. I decided I needed a break. Plus our lives have totally changed in the last couple months, that I couldn't keep up with everything.
Our family has relocated to Greenville, SC due to my husbands job change. He is now working for EuBanks Oil and travels on the weekends singing with the Calvary Quartet. We made the decision right before Christmas and were down here the week of New Years. In between that time, Joe was drawing a HUGE piece for a client, I was babysitting (well...it worked for 2 weeks), we went to Wisconsin for Christmas, had a New Years party at our home, and packed everything we owned in two days. (Couldn't have done it with out Ben and Tiffany!) It was crazy. We were just settling into our lil apartment when we felt that God was calling us to Greenville!
Joe and I love Greenville and appreciate the friends that we have here!! We are renting a two bedroom home that has been updated and remodeled. It's beautiful! We love it! I just wish that we weren't so far away from family. I want them to see our new home...
As for the blog...I'm still trying to decide on what to do, or what it is. Some people mentioned I should blog on couponing.... I love to coupon, I like to blog, but I don't think I'm quite ready to do an extensive couponing blog in my name. I'm not THAT good yet. And I don't think I'll ever be. I'm mostly a mommy and wife. I think that most of my followers understand that. Once I get things rolling and the creative juices start flowing, I'll try to get some giveaways and reviews going. Plus I think that the die hard followers that I have, (like 2) will probably appreciate it more that I'd blog on the mommy stuff! ;) (you know who you are!)
For those who haven't seen my pictures on Facebook, here's some pics of the beautiful house that our friends found for us! :)

Living room

Dining room. (still trying to think of a place for the green chair. love the color..)

Master is the smallest room. Plus the king size bed doesn't help with all the extra large furniture.

Lincoln's room

I don't know where the bathroom pics went, and I need to take pics of the study/studio area. But first I must clean! : /
So that's a quick update on us. I'll try to do so more often. I'd like to get some videos on if I can. If there's anyone following or reading this, let me know what you'd like to see from this blog. Some people tell me to blog on couponing, but let me know if that's what you want. I can start by posting freebies and good deals. Give me some input. Please! :)


  1. Hello! It is me...one of the 2 die-hards, but I think that I am #1. Well, I would just like to say that I will read whatever you write - like your side bar - I enjoyed reading that soooo much!! :) Keep up the good work. Some day I will get back to blogging, too!! I have a good book to share with you. I will send you a message some time!

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