Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer happenings

I have the itch to blog again. It's just so hard for me to fully commit to something like this. It takes time sit down and type out a few words. And time always seems to slip by.
Summer is over half way through and it's been a busy one to say the least! (and HOT!) We started our summer Memorial weekend with a trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado for my brother in-law's wedding. It was a very quick trip, but wonderful at the same time to see good friends and family!

Two weeks later we flew out again back to my home town, Lakewood, WI for my sister's wedding! We stayed for a week to help out and party with friends! I enjoy my stays in Lakewood so much. I miss home a lot and wish I could go back more often!

After our Wisconsin trip, the quartet that Joe travels for started up into full gear for the summer and they've been traveling almost every weekend. I've been able to go on most trips, but take breaks every few weekends. They are EXHAUSTING!!! and it takes the rest of the week to catch up on rest! But quartet trips are always fun and Lincoln loves to ride the bus whenever he gets the chance! (sleep is not an option in his mind though when he's on the bus....arrggg) This weekend we will be taking a quick trip to Canada. This will be my first time visiting Niagara Falls and I'm looking forward to it!
With everything else going on, I've been feeling the lack of fellowship with young moms/couples that we would find in a local church. I've visited a few churches in the area and I think I've found one I would enjoy to get to know. It's just so hard to visit or get to know anyone when we are gone every weekend. I'm hoping to visit the church on Wednesdays to start getting to know folks.
Added to the mix of normal life, our family have heavy hearts at this time as we are getting ready for Joe's grandfather to pass away. He's in Michigan with Grandma and Joe's parents, but they had to put him in a nursing home recently. I'm not sure how much time they've given him, but preparations are being made. As it would be nice to go back to Michigan, the circumstances won't be enjoyable. But at least we can be happy for grandpa as he's getting ready to be with the Lord. Another thing that's heavy on my heart is my family back home. My dad's the pastor of a small church and they are dealing with some things with a few individuals. It's encouraging to hear how the body came together to lift up these individuals in prayer, but I know it's taken a toll on my parents as they counsel, pray, endure sleepless nights...I thank God for my family and the parents he's given me!
So back to my blog....I've been slacking a little bit with the couponing, and trying to get back on it. I've been happy with some recent CVS trips. I just can't get the grocery deals like others and that's frustrating....haha.... But I know I've saved us money and that's nice to think about!

Lincoln is growing and is an active 2.5 yr. old! His favorite super hero is still Iron Man! He loves his friend/babysitter Elise which he calls, "my awheese!" She helps out a lot on quartet trips by keeping Lincoln busy!
Lincoln can now sing the theme song to Wonder Pets, and sing his ABC's. He loves to sing and play daddy's piano.
Potty training failed horribly as we had a tragic scare at the airport when the toilet flushed while he was sitting on it. I really need to get back at it but have been lazy and with trips every weekend it seems that we have to start all over again. Right now I can't even get him to sit. I'm up for any ideas that might help. He was doing so well....

Joe and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage this month! We went and spent time downtown, ate at one of my favorite restaurants, and went to Transformers 3! It's kinda funny because we went to Transformers on our honeymoon! It's been a wonderful 4 yrs of marriage and am looking forward to many more! :)

Well there's my update. I really need to try to update more often and show some of my coupon deals! It's fun showing off deals I've found! Hehe! :)


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! You are going to love Niagra Falls - it is beautiful beyond words.

  2. So great to be updated. :) Congrats on the anniversary too!


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