Friday, February 2, 2007

Today's the day!!!

Today I'm taking cuts and going to Green Bay with Joe and Stephanie to pick up Cristie! I'm so excited. AJ just texted me and said that he is meeting us in Green Bay and then we will all go out to eat someplace nice! YEEAH!!!! Cristie and AJ should be here all week. I'm sure I'll take pictures and then I'll post them. I've been waiting all week to post my pics of the chocolate fountain that my mom bought. But I can't find the cord to my camera...but I'll try and get my pics on asap. Have a good weekend. Who knows when I'll post again. Maybe later next week.


  1. Have a great time! Some of my fondest memories are from taking cuts with my friends and going to Green Bay or Appleton. :-) I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing how it went.

  2. Beth, Did you get my email about the wedding? Hope the plans are going well!!

  3. Beth, you can always look on his site -
    but I'll have him send you a dvd as well!
    thanks for letting me know!


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