Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Long time, no type

I'm really bad at this. I really want to get in the hang of keeping updates. But there's a little thing in the way called "LIFE." hehehe that just reminded me of something I said to mom last week. I said that in her car she has 2 blue heads and 3 pink heads. Pretty soon with one less pink head. I'll be starting my own car real soon. The game of LIFE.
Anyways. Enough of the stupid talk. Mom took some pictures of Joe and I couple weeks ago. Let me know what you think. We are trying to find something for the front of our invitations.

Enjoy!!! Mom made this collage thingy. We also went to Glamor Shots and got some pictures done. But it costs an extra $50 to get any copy rights. That's why we are trying to do our own pictures for the invitations.
Other than that, school is keeping me really busy. Joe and I are meeting with Coach Werhy every week for Marriage Counseling, what an adventure I gotta say. :)
Spring Break went really well. Joe and I went to Midland with his family to go look for housing. It was fun looking at all of the apartments. But it looks like right now we might be staying in a basement. Which isn't too bad. The family that is offering it is really nice and considering the fact that Joe and I are trying to save up for a trailer and truck. Please keep us in your prayers. You can read our newsletters on (look on the side bar, it's there)
I'm getting excited for graduation. Only four weeks. It's amazing, I can't believe that I'm leaving this place and that I'll be done with school. But it's too depressing to think that I still have WAY too much stuff to do...I better get started. (sigh)
So here comes life again at full speed. God has given me strength and I praise him for that. I'm so glad that I can go to my Father for anything and everything. He's been such a comforter.
Chapel starts in 15 minutes. better go. Thanks for taking the time if you read all of this. :)


  1. Just got off the phone w/you...the weekly "we made it back" call. Just think, only 3 more of those calls to make...actually 2 if you don't come home next weekend. Impossible to believe, huh?!!!! Keep up the good work. See you Thurs. Love you!!!

  2. well - i love the pics - especially that first one. i think that should be on the invitation. :) i remember that first house hunting. enjoy!!!


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