Wednesday, August 27, 2008

back to Michigan!

We've been in Alabama for about a month now and I'm ready to get back to the north. The humidity here is almost unbearable. But I'm almost scared to find out the summer is over for the north. We'll see.
I've enjoyed my time here with the people of Riverview. They are very nice. I really enjoyed the times when we got to go to "Grandma's House" for dinner. She is a fine cook.
I'm anxious to get back and see my doctor. I was sent to the emergency room today for minor complications. Results came back that everything is normal. Just a little scare. No big deal. It's been a hard month with everything. But the Lord does provide and is protecting us. I've been encouraged through out my everyday reading of the scriptures. I've been reading a Psalms and Proverbs a day. It's really nice to not have to be rushed in the mornings and take the time to read God's word. I know it's one of the main things that has helped me this past month with all the struggles we went through.
The truck is fixed, with a totally different back end. So we are praying that this one will hold out on us. Joe has been learning a lot about vehicles. He had to reinstall the air bag system to the back tires and was able to watch/help Uncle Jay fix the truck. He enjoys that and likes to get dirty.
Well, it's getting late. We have a big day ahead of us!


  1. I had to come here to see your baby ticker...I can't see it on facebook anymore - or couldn't find it, anyway...hate that new facebook!!!!

  2. You have a beautiful little family and you both are very talented.
    I like how you bring your faith in our Lord to your site.

    Barbara Olivo Cagle


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