Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The view from our front door

This week we are in Pekin, Illinois at Faith Baptist Church. We got here Saturday night and have meetings through Friday. It's been a good week and we are enjoying our time here!
Sunday morning though...We woke up to this...Our 'house' is parked in the driveway between the church and preschool.

I guess we got a little spoiled with the spring like weather down in South Carolina. It was pretty though.

At least it all melted!
Joe's been putting his teaching/art skills to good use! He's been teaching an art block class this week at the high school! He's having a blast with that! Check out his website and blog. The kids love him!
Today being April Fool's an all...(never really celebrated that holiday with my family) I'm remembering this day a year ago. My family came to Midland and surprised me for my birthday. (They thought they could surprise me...but I KNEW...)
(Me and my sister, Brooke)
They stayed for a couple days with us. On March 31, we told them that we were expecting. (Wish I had my camera then...)
So on April 1, we had to call other family members about the good news. I couldn't understand why some of Joe's family members wern't taking us seriously. "Haha...very funny. APRIL FOOLS!" Is what his sister said to me. "No really...I'm serious."
She said that she wasn't going to believe me. I was going to have to call her the next day...THEN she'll believe me. Whatever...I don't like this April Fool's thing...
Anyways. Good memories of having my parents there, celebrating my birthday and the good news of Lincoln!
And here he is!Just finished with his bath. He's a happy boy! Not a shy one. (Guess that's a good thing for traveling!) He'll be 5 months old on the third! I can't believe it! He's getting so big! He's a lot of fun.
Well, gotta make sure Joe's ready for school! :)

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  1. Welcome to the north!! We're getting lots of snow too...I think I'll look through my FL pics again.
    It's hard to believe that surprise visit was a year ago. So much has happened since then!!!


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