Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slight change of plans

This week has been SO relaxing as we don't have meetings every single evening. But if it were up to me, THIS is how I would relax! :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our original plans were to leave today for Hartford, WI and get ready for our program with VCY Radio.
(Click on picture to visit their website)

The team will be performing our Revival America media presentation at the VCY Rally in the Waukesha Expo Center on September 12th (get the info on that here.) You can probably watch/listen if you'd like! :)

Anyways...there's been a slight change of plans because we needed someplace to get everything ready and to practice before the rally. The church here in Madison enjoyed our music on Saturday and Sunday, that they have let us stay and do another service on Wednesday. So we are setting up, practicing, and making sure everything is in good condition for the presentation. I'm so glad that we are getting the chance to run through the program before the BIG program. We haven't been together all summer and are a little rusty on our speaking/and singing parts! :)


So that's the reason we are still in Madison. Which is fine! It's funny how in each church I find myself drawn to the people that make up the church. Each person is different and play a special role in their home church. But to come in and visit and to see and get to know a new person/new body of believers every week is very fun and interesting! I guess it's just the bond that all Christians have! :)

I was just thanking God for the sweet fellowship that we find all across America with fellow believers. Just last week I had a lady walk up to me and shared that the Lord was prompting her to pray for me and asked if there was anything specific that she could pray about! That was a difficult week for me. Trailer problems, leaving my comfort, home, family...(SUMMER ENDING!) I was in a discouraged state. But I believe that God brought that sweet kind lady to show me that these people are my family as well! They are my brother and sister's in Christ! I was so encouraged by that!


I thought that I might as well show you a look outside our front doors too while I'm in the blogging mood! I thought it would be fun each week to share what we see outside our doors as our view changes from week to week. I haven't been real consistent with that lately, and will try harder! :)

Here's our trailer next to Ben and Amanda's fifth wheel. Not a fun picture really...(I guess that's why I don't do too much on the topic "outside our front door." Everything always looks the same....) If you look closely, you can see Joe laying under the front of the trailer. He's been "Mr. Fix-it" man since he fixed the brakes and water pump. Right now he's hooking up a little tv into his "garage/storage station" so that he can watch the Michigan State games outside if need be. (Rolling the eyes and sigh) At least it keeps him busy. But we've been to the hardware store a few times too many buying who knows what... :)

Behind our trailers are some swing sets that the kids play on...It's been beautiful outside this week!

Lincoln's sad that he's missing out on everything that's going on outside...(and that his nap was interrupted a little too early!)


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