Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back into the swing of things

We are back on the road again and starting up our Fall Tour. Our first week started in Cass City, MI. Joe and I weren't sure if our trailer was going to make it due to some brake failure. Praise the Lord we found an awesome mechanic and he taught Joe and showed him how to fix the brakes! The church in Cass City set us up at a wonderful campground. It was nice to get settled into our home and it was very peaceful. The weather was wonderful as well!
But because we weren't living in our trailer all summer, we found out that the water pump wasn't working due to buildup in the pump itself. Joe doesn't know much about water pumps...BUT...after many trys, and assembling/disassembling, and cleaning out every part of the pump, IT WORKS!!! YEAH!!! Lincoln even tried to help out a little bit! :)
This weekend we are in Madison, WI. I enjoy it every time we get the chance to visit my home state! We are actually in Wisconsin quite a bit through out the fall. Check out our schedule here.
Other than trying to keep up with Lincoln, I've been reorganizing and cleaning the trailer. It feels so much better to travel in a clean house. Even Joe got the declutter bug in him and went through some of his things! :) I can't wait to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of flavored coffee and use my gift card that I won from Frugal Gossip! Thanks Kim!
Well, it's another beautiful day. Maybe once Lincoln wakes up, eats lunch, we'll go outside for a bit...(wish I had my stroller...There's some garage sales around the corner.) :(

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  1. Lincoln looks sooo big in that picture!! :) I got the paper today with all the Oconto Falls Fun Fest garage sales in it. It's Sept. 12-14. So, hopefully I'll find some stuff for you, let me know if there's anything specific to look for.


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