Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beckham Scott is here! (late update)

Photo credit: Cathy VanLaanen

Beckham Scott arrived on Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 5:29am. He weighed 7lbs. 7oz., and was 18.5 in. long. (not as big as I was predicting) Delivery went smoothly and we are adjusting nicely to being a family of four!

Sorry for not keeping up to date like I did with my pregnancy. I hardly touched my computer in that first week of being home. My parents came in the day after Beckham was born and we stayed busy with trips to downtown, the flee market, and stuff around the house. I felt really good after this delivery, that sitting around while mom and dad were in town didn't make much sense. 

Lincoln enjoying some time with Grandpa!

When Beckham was about two weeks, we took a trip up to Midland, MI to visit Joe's family. It was such a wonderful stay. HOT, but fun times with family and friends! Joe and I really missed Michigan and did not want to leave! :)

photo credit: Natalie Everson
Grandparents and all the grandchildren (minus Beckham) at the Saginaw Zoo!

photo credit: Natalie Everson
Lincoln with his cousin Kevin at the Concert in the Park before the fireworks.

photo credit: Natalie Everson
Lincoln was so excited for the fireworks! But he must have forgotten how loud they can be!

photo credit: RuthAnn Everson
Lincoln and his Aunt RuthAnn!

On our way home we stopped by my sister's in Indiana. Lincoln always loves going to Aunt Brooke's and Uncle Everett's! (He remembers the Christmas presents...)
(photo credit goes to Brooke)
Lincoln and Beckham enjoying their Aunt Brooke!

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. It's nice to have my energy back. Even though I'm now getting up for midnight feedings, it's not the same as pregnancy exhaustion. It feels really good to have my body back. Now I'm hoping to start working out soon. I'd like to try running. I've never tried and I've always hated running. I'm interested in giving the Couch to 5K running a try. (Pinterest find) My plan is to start next week as I will then be 5.5 weeks postpartum. I'm also (slowly) reading through the book called 'Move it Mom! How to get your body back after baby.' (previously free kindle book) I REALLY want to commit to some type of work out! I'm SO bad at it. I just don't have enough motivation....BUT...I'm gonna try this time! :) I can use all the encouragement I can get!

For the most part my days consist of nursing, diaper changing, PBS, and Netflix. Adventuring out on my own with a newborn is still scary to me. I did go grocery shopping with both kids last week, but it was a quick trip and Beckham got pretty mad at the end... He won't try a bottle or paci for moments like those. Hopefully he will change his mind soon!

Joe had a little break from traveling on the weekends with the quartet and will be back at it starting this weekend. The schedule looks pretty full all through the fall. I'm not sure how much I'll travel with him this fall.  

photo credit: Natalie Everson
It was really neat to have the quartet sing at our 'home church,' Calvary Baptist in Midland.

Ever since we got back from Midland, Joe's had the artist's itch again and is pumping out some really cool art. You can see what he's been up to here.

I feel that I have so much more to update everyone on...maybe this will get me back into blogging more! You may have noticed that I like to steal people's pictures. That's another thing I want to work on...taking my own pictures so that I have something to show for on my blog! I have ideas and hope to keep you all up to date more than I have been!

So with that, here's one that I LOVE! :)
First signs of Beckham's smile!


  1. Congratulations! He's adorable!!

  2. Checking in from the My Pregnancy Journal link up.

    Congratulations on your sweet boy! It sounds like you are doing great and you are enjoying a lot of family time!

    After my 4th baby was born, I got into running. I used to hate it and I actually ended up really enjoying it. My goal was to run a 5k; still haven't done it yet because it seems pregnancy keeps getting in the way! Expecting #7 at Christmas time!


  3. Yep! and I did all of the hard work

  4. Thanks for stopping by How To Homeschool My Child. You have a precious child. Love the pics!
    Kerry Beck


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