Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Menu Planning Monday

I thought I'd do something fun and join in on the public announcement of our week's menu plan...

I have a confession....Pinterest is my go-to menu. Most, if not all, of these recipes came from Pinterest. Is that sad? It's just so easy and I have found some keepers! I've even stared a board called "Foods I make on a regular basis!" Follow if you like! :)

(I'm not sure on what the "rules" are for pictures and on sharing other people's pics...and I always forget to take my own or don't feel like messing with it because I am not a photographer...so... sorry for lack of pics and please enjoy the few that I took!) :)

So here is a peak at our menu for this week:

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - The whole family LOVES this recipe and the chicken is so addicting! I sometimes double the recipe so that there's enough for lunch the next day! The fried rice recipe in the link is pretty good too!

Taco Pizza - I can't wait to try this one! It looks so good!

Honey Garlic Pork Chops - Also a new recipe that I can't wait to try!

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti - This is the only way to make spaghetti now! YUMMY!!!

For dessert today I made a pumpkin chocolate chip bread. It doesn't taste a whole lot like pumpkin bread and wish it did. So...might need to mess around with the recipe. I took a pic after Lincoln and I took a taste test. Lincoln says it passes. But Joe, and the other hand, doesn't like that it doesn't taste like pumpkin bread.


On Sunday I didn't go to church because of two little ones with the sniffles, so I made some frozen breakfast burritos. This is a first and I enjoyed the ones that my mom made last week, I had to try myself! I made egg, ham, and cheese burritos and hope to try other kinds in the near future! It's so easy with a quick pop in the microwave and they're ready to go!

Another fun thing to make is baby food! This week I was able to pull out my Sage Spoonfuls box that I won in a twitter party and put it to good use! I had won the "Let's Get Started Package" and after the first try, I LOVE it!!!! 

And so does Beckham! We made some apple puree!!!

Not that you really care what we are eating this week... But if you have a go-to recipe that never fails, or have a fun baby food recipe that you think I should try, please share! If I pick yours, I'll try it and blog about it! :)

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  1. I might borrow your idea of making frozen breakfast burritos. They were always a treat when I had extra time to fix breakfast. I'd also like to get your baked cream cheese spaghetti recipe. Sounds divine.



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