Monday, July 21, 2014

Late Birthday Post...very late

I have no good explanation...but I am WAY behind on things and am just enjoying our last few weeks of summer before homeschooling officially starts this fall. (sigh)

I meant to get this post together a long time ago... Someone had a birthday...last month...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Beckham!!!

My baby is gone for good now as he has entered into toddler-hood. :( Potty training has started, words are s.l.o.w.l.y becoming the norm, and sleeping through the night is....yah...we're working on that one.

I wanted to try and start the tradition of asking him some question, but when I asked him if I could interview him, he said, "no" and ran to get a ball. Beckham is not the one to be interested in random questions. He's always busy doing something like kicking or shooting a ball. He's the athletic one out of the two boys! :) Just recently he has learned to catch. He can even bounce pass, catch, and dribble a basketball!

Outside is his favorite place be, if he can't be out, he'll try to find someone who's willing to play catch or help him get the ball out of his indoor hoop when it gets stuck. Big brother is an easy target and usually ends up being the punching bag as well! Rough housing is another favorite and Beckham usually wins! He's all boy and I love that my boys are different, but still enjoy being together at times.

Beckham's love language is touch and he's such a cuddle bug. A BIG momma's boy. :) I don't want him to grow out of that, and so I probably do baby him...a little! ;) 

Some of his favorite words:
shoe-shoes, outside, bye, mama, dada (he uses this word for lots of things), mine (newest one), ball, no, poo, ew, choo-choo, hot...there's more, but these are the most used... We did some signing with please, more, and drink, so he still does that. He does still point quite a bit. A lot of his phrases don't sound like much, but you can sometimes tell what he means by the tone. Like "I don't know" is a shrug with the tone flux that everyone does. He's good at picking up on those. He enjoys singing into microphones with very intense, serious facial expressions. Dancing and exercising in the middle of the store is a hobby of his as well!

I sometimes wonder if his speech is really delayed or if he's just too lazy because big brother is SUCH a talker. Within the last month I have noticed that Beckham does understand more than we think, and is starting to communicate better and is picking up on words. So I'm not real worried... Hopefully he will start talking more real soon! 

Helping out with chores is another favorite of Beckham's. Dishes, folding clothes, putting clothes in the dryer, sweeping, and vacuuming are some of the things he helps out with. He thinks he's helping, the end it ends up being more work for me... LOL! 

And that's most of what it's like for the life of my two year old! Hopefully next year we'll start the birthday interview and get that posted.

Beckham on his birthday at a parade.


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