Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My lesson from my son on parenting and God...

I had this little thought(s) go through my head the other morning as I was trying to start my morning devotions.

As my son is watching his morning cartoons, drinking his chocolate milk, he's constantly talking, asking, replaying the scene he just saw, and is constantly saying, "mom, mom, MOM!!!" 

Can you just PLEASE be quiet, and sit still for a little bit as I try to read my Bible?" 
(Now know this: I'm tired...I know that I've been short with him lately, I feel like a horrible mother, the house work is piling up, I just want to be in bed till baby gets here....that's where I'm at... that's why my response is so...fleshy)

My thoughts turned to, how do we sound to God? As His children, does He hear, "God, God, GOD, over here, look, LOOK over here! See?! hey, hey HEY!!! are you paying attention?!" Are we always asking sounding so selfishly for things that we probably don't need or deserve? Do we sound like annoying little children?

But then as I started my morning in Psalm 27 and was reading about God, being our shelter and how he never leaves us, and is always a caring God for His children, I was rebuked by my thinking process from earlier on. God has a concern for His children, He cares. So much more than I ever will for my son. 

So during those times when I'm asking God repeatedly, over and over, with a child like attitude, He actually shows that He's concerned and pays attention to my needs. As a parent I saw how I was not always responding to my son's needs with the right attitude. With CONCERN, with CARE.

Then I read more on how the psalmist has confidence in God. Confidence in God's care and protection and confidence in knowing that God will never forsake him. This made me think of a child like faith. My son, as he's young, has the confidence in me for his protection. In his little mind, I'm never going to leave him, I'll always be there to take care of him. Now as he grows older he'll grow to understand that as humans, this isn't always possible and he'll learn to trust God, but in his mind for now, he's fully confident in me. Am I like that with God? Do I have that kind of faith?

I was not ready for my morning to be (really a lesson from my son) a rebuke on my parenting skills, for the parenting lessons and example of how God is to His children.

So here are some lessons/reminders for me:
  • I learned that I need to work on my response and to be more patient with my son and show that I care just as God shows His children
  • I learned that I need to be a better example to my son of God's care and concern
  • I was reminded of the child like faith and that I too can have confidence in my God just as my son has in me. (But with God it's for oh so much more!)
  • In the end I'm praising God for His care over me and that He's concerned and apart of every part in my life. Knowing that I can have confidence over everything because He is with me is such a help in this journey through motherhood!
Our children need to see Christ in our lives, and need to see us live it out on a daily basis. I'm no super Christian by any means and am still growing and stretching like every other Christian. I'm always learning and don't want to stop. I thought that maybe I'd share some of my thoughts as I've enjoyed reading others go through some of the same experiences/lessons. 

Has there been anything that God is teaching/shown you recently? Please share! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That's really good, Beth. Thanks for being so honest. I too have had SO many of these kinds of moments. I am so thankful for God's grace. Also, that my kids are forgiving of me and my mistakes, as well. I've realized it's important for me to say sorry to them and ask their forgiveness when I've been short with them or had a bad attitude. Thanks again, have a great rest of your day.

  2. i fixed the badge link on http://www.diamondsdogtagsdiapers.com/2012/04/good-bad-ugly.html

  3. I have those moments daily. It got so much harder after I had #2. My 3 year old gives me no break at all with his behavior, but I know in time it will get better. I just need to have a better response. Yes, I need to be more like God when I work with my kids. Congrats on almost #2.

  4. Hi Beth- You just commented on my Milk N' Honey Positive Conclusion. I hope it helps for you! It has really helped us be much calmer with our son after a crisis and get him really thinking about his behavior. He doesn't know the answers to every question every time, but he will learn. It's a great tool. Great that you are doing Warrior Prayers!


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