Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the road again

After being here in Greenville, SC for the past three months, it's time to pack up and start our Spring Tour with Bible Revival! Our first stop is Faith Baptist Church of Pekin, IL. We've been practicing, warming up our voices, and learning new songs. Today we all got together and did a promo shot. I don't have the team shot. But here's my family! Lincoln is such a cutie! :)Being in one place for a stretch of time, I noticed that stuff started to pile up in our little home. Things were adding up, and junk seemed to be cluttering in every corner. Today was a big clean-up day in our home. Everything has to be put away and secured before we travel. That's one of the good things of packing up and leaving every week after team meetings. The house HAS to be cleaned at the end of the week in order to travel.
I'm sad to be leaving the bloggy world for the next few days. We are never sure if we'll get wireless at our next stop. (the only thing we have right now is a desktop. Planing on getting a Laptop this summer) I finally found my own little corner in the blog world! I hope to be back soon to show the veiw from our front door.
I had fun partying, blog hopping and meeting new people through the UBP. I hope no one minds if I go back to the Linky site to see how everyone is doing! I will for sure check to see if I need to claim any prizes! :)
So...back to cleaning/rearranging clutter. I will miss my bloggy world. Hope to be back soon!


  1. Lincoln is SUPER cute, you are GORGEOUS, Joe looks great, too!! Did you say you only got one? I'll have to figure out how to get my hands on another copy!!! Praying for you today as you head out. Love you lots.

  2. Greetings, I found your spot thru the UBP. Great looking family. Are you traveling anywhere else in IL? Pekin is about four hours from me. If not, I'll catch you in blog world. Have a great trip. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Hi Beth,
    Congratulations, you have won my baby hat giveaway! Please contact me at (or on my blog) and let me know your mailing address and what hat design/colors you would like!


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