Sunday, March 6, 2011

3/6 CVS trip. Saved 88%!

Today we spent a sick day home from church. Lincoln woke up as the green booger monster and has had a little cough the last couple days. He's been WAY too active this morning, getting into EVERYTHING!!! I decided to take my weekly CVS trip alone. Too bad it's not a good week at CVS. I would have loved a little extra quiet time as daddy stayed home with the booger monster.
I thought I'd do my CVS buys on my blog now, since my facebook friends can see as well. I've been posting pictures on facebook other past weeks, but Joe says I should start blogging again. So here goes! :)
I don't keep track of what inserts my coupons are from. I just clip them and file. But I do know that all the coupons that I used today were from recent inserts, and maybe one from a magazine. I only (usually) buy products that will give back ECB (Extra Care Bucks) to make that item cheap - free! I roll my ECB every week to make more ECB to make the amount even less. I usually do two transactions so that by the time I use coupons and ECB, I'm only paying $1-2 oop (out of pocket).
Here's my first transaction:
*Glad and Pledge products - 2/$6 Get $4ECB when you purchase $12*
1 Glade air freshener - $3.00 used $1/1 (coupon from magazine, but in recent insert as well)
2 Glade Fabric and Air - $6.00 used 2 $1/1 (coupon insert)
1 Pledge - $3.00 used $1/1 (coupon insert)
*Revlon Nail, Buy 1 get $3ECB*
1 Revlon Nail - $3.99 (I tried using the $1/1 Revlon coupon, but the computer at the register beeped because it was for color eye stuff, even though the coupon had a picture of nail polish....)
Total: $15.99
after coupons and $10ECB from last week: $2.95
and received $7.00ECB

Transaction 2:
*Revitalens, Buy 1 get $4.00ECB*
1 Revitalens - $7.89 used $3.00/1 (today's coupon insert)
after coupons and $4.00ECB from last transaction: $1.36
and received $4.00ECB

Total spent oop: $4.31
Total worth: $35.01
Saved: $30.70
Savings of: 88%!!!
ECB for next trip: $7.00

Thanks for visiting! Please share or give me a link of good deals you found this week! Did anyone see the Aldi produce?! I bought strawberries for $0.99/carton and apples $1.99 a bag! I wanted to get the oranges as well, but I was running around without a cart with my hands already full with milk, eggs, bread, cheese, strawberries, apples...all because I didn't have a quarter and I thought I was just going in for bread, eggs, and cheese! :)


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