Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick run into Bi-Lo, saved 71%!

I've been waiting a LONG time for Bi-Lo to restock their Gain dryer sheets! Ever since the $3/1 coupon came out, the shelves have been empty it seems.... NOT TODAY!!! :) I had a rain check for two. :) I wish they made an air freshener with Gain. LOVE IT!!!!
So the dryer sheets were free, dish detergent were free, $0.75 a box for the popcorn, and $0.88 ea for the John Frieda shampoo! The pizza was on sale, but no coupon was used. So I still paid $2.88 ea. Didn't think that was too bad seeing that pizza is ridiculously expensive here.
So, my total oop: $9.28
Total saved: $23.22
Total worth: $ 32.50
Percentage in savings: 71%!
I wanted to hit up some of the free stuff at Wal-mart, but Lincoln was just falling asleep when we were walking into Bi-lo....oh well.....


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