Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Potty training update

The past two days I've stepped up the game plan and decided that both Lincoln and I weren't going to be lazy anymore with the potty business. Yesterday he spent most of the day butt naked. There weren't too many accidents as I pretty much ignored everything else in the house, and was glued to his behind! :) He did well, and even walked into the bathroom willingly telling me he had to go potty. Each time he goes #1 or #2, I give him tiny pieces of candy canes left over from Christmas. (thanks mom and dad V. for the huge stocking full!) He really enjoys that.
Today was kinda an off day as Joe spent most of the day home. I wasn't able to keep an always watching eye on Lincoln, so we tried wearing shorts with nothing under neath. (Lincoln did...he wore shorts with nothing....) : | We had some accidents, but Lincoln was nice enough to help me clean the mess! After nap time, I didn't get a chance to get to the diaper in time, so he did take the opportunity to put it to good use by filling it...
He was a little more reluctant to go potty today, but when we were out at a restaurant tonight, he announced that he had to go potty! (Diaper on at the time) Daddy took the kiddo to the restroom, the kiddo was dry, and he even went potty in the public restroom! We even hung out at Wal-mart for awhile and when we got home he was still dry!!!! I was so proud of my lil man!

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  1. Naked is the best way! That way they get a better "feel" for what the body is doing. Keep it up! You'll be all done before you know it!


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