Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wal-mart trip. Saved 74%!

Sorry Facebook friends if you're getting tired of my grocery blogging....hey, I'm a mom, this is my thing....I'll show you how to have a good the grocery store!
I'm always worried my friends might think I'm weird for posting photos of groceries. "She has no life..." Then I see the savings, free stuff, and products I love to use and I got them cheaper than generic, I'm not too worried anymore.... :)
So I made Joe take us to Wal-mart last night after dinner. I don't shop at Wal-mart that much, but with this new coupon policy, and so many free items were popping up on blogs that I read, I thought it'd probably be worth my time to get some things! This week has been a lot of little shopping and no big grocery shopping. I've been proud of myself as last week I was able to stretch our groceries for almost two weeks now! :) (pat myself on the back every time I think of that!) anyways....
Some items I bought weren't as cheap as most blogs were reporting them, but with the overage from other items, and high value coupons, still good deals!

The best thing I found, was the Secret deodorants with the bonus clinical pack. They were marked down to $2.50 from $4.22! I even saw some marked down to $2!!! But those were already taken. So I had (2) $1/1 any Secret product to make it $1.50 for two deodorants! That's $0.75ea!!! The Shout, Tide, and other Secret Clinical deodorants were all free plus overage after coupons.
I LOVED the Febreeze with Gain, never tried it, so I used a $1/1. It made it only $0.97 for that little thing, which isn't that good of a deal....considering I got all the other travel stuff free, but I loved the smell, just had to get at least one! :)
Total worth: $24.92
Total oop: $6.42
Saved: $18.50
Savings of: 74%
So, now I'm looking forward to doing laundry when we go to Florida for a week at the end of the month!!! (and having nice smelling armpits too!! hehe!) :)


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