Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painting with Lincoln! (and more!)

As Lincoln is growing right before our eyes, I can see him becoming a hands on, get in there and 'I'll do it(!)', kind of kid. He LOVES getting his hands in the mess and taking charge! But he also is sensitive, has a kind spirit, and a 'need to keep things clean' mentality. (doesn't like his hands TOO dirty for too long)

The other day as we were outside, he had to make sure the ants had breakfast for tomorrow. So we prepared a bucket of dirt, leaves, twigs, and other random things we found in the grass for the ants breakfast. The bugs aren't out yet, but he wants to make sure they're taken care of! I love that he asks to take walks and is always engaged in where we are with comments and questions.

I love his creativity and imagination. His most recent interest are volcanoes that erupt with "HOT LABA!!" It's funny that for a 3 year old he can say 'erupt' and 'abominable snowman', but doesn't pronounce "laVa!" It's too cute, I don't want to correct him because I know soon enough he'll catch on and then "Laba" will never be used again. (and when those days come, it makes me sad...my baby growing up...)

Naps are starting to fade as a thing of the past. (another sad thought) Some days are really great nap days, others, not so much! But at least he still takes the hr. of quiet time so that mommy can either take a little nap or get some things done. Yesterday we had a first of him locking
himself in his room during quiet time. He wasn't too concerned about it at the moment (it was the poopy in the diaper he was afraid I'd be upset about, hence the lack of concern for being in the room a little longer) as I was begging him through the door to flip the lock over on the door knob. Thankfully he was able to turn the lock back over. But now we have another 'no-no.'

He's been very affectionate lately with kisses and hugs and telling me a lot that he loves me. I enjoy the attention, but most of the time it's for attention when he knows mommy can't hold him at the moment. I'm interested to see how he'll do with a new baby in mommy's arms. He likes to rub my belly and say hi to baby at times. But recently I've noticed myself saying "mommy can't because of the baby in her belly." And I don't want to blame the baby or have Lincoln have resentment towards his little brother.

I love that he likes to help out around the house. He's very good at giving out words of praise and telling me that I'm doing a good job! :) I'm trying to get him to do other things that he can do by himself so that *hopefully* by the time baby's here, I can trust him to do those things on his own. (ha, I'm probably getting way ahead of myself here!)

Lincoln still has his infatuation with Iron Man, but now Power Rangers are in the group of toys he "needs" as well. Thanks to Netflix, the show I've forever hated is my son's favorite.

Preschool has been on hold, but hopefully by next week I'll have everything prepared to start up again. I can't believe how much prep work preschool takes!

Today for you Lincoln, I pray for your spirit of contentment. I pray that the Lord will teach you the secret to contentment in every situation, good or bad, through Him who gives strength. (Phil. 4:12-13) (www.inspiredtoaction.com prayer calendar for mothers.)

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  1. That creativity and imagination is so much fun! Sometimes, I like to hang out outside my son's room and just listen to his stories as he plays (they tend to stop once he knows I'm there). :)

  2. Oh I know what you mean! Listening in on their little world is so much fun! I can't wait till #2 will be able to converse. I hear that it's a lot of fun to have two little minds together!
    Thanks for stopping by! :)


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