Friday, February 24, 2012

Publix and CVS shopping

This week I was able to shop by myself!! I was able to stop at three stores and get our weekly's worth of groceries right on budget! That hasn't been done in a long time! I haven't been couponing for the past 6 months, so it's good to get back at it.
I'm not a crazy couponer. I don't have 50 coupons for one item. I usually get 2-3 extra inserts from friends, and along with my paper delivered, it's been good enough for our family! Our health and beauty stock pile survived the 6months of no couponing and it's still thriving!

Aldi's: Most of my grocery shopping was done here. $48.08

CVS: It's been FOREVER since I've gone to CVS. I've missed it and I'm glad I now have my ECB rolling again!
Spent: $7.48 Saved: $16.80 Got back $8.99 in ECB

Publix: Spent: $13.69 Saved: $29.55

The noodles and powdered ranch dressing weren't on sale, and didn't have a coupon either, but they were items we needed and weren't at Aldi. (I didn't have to buy the ranch dressing come to find out...) I was excited for the cereal being $0.96 after coupon! Velveeta boxes were $0.50 each, butter was $0.28, Chef Boyardee was free, salad as $1.00, and the rice packets were $0.66 each.

Total spent: $69.25 ($65.00 is our weekly goal, but I had about $4.25 of change in my purse.)
And that's my weekly shopping!

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