Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnancy update: 24 weeks

Pregnancy update

How far along: 24 weeks (6 months!)
If anyone who's been in our house and is confused as to where this shot was taken, it's a mirrored image from my computer webcam. For some reason it doesn't rotate on it's own, I have to select that option, and forgot... :)

Countdown: 16 weeks

Size of baby: (I'm putting into fact that he's measuring a week ahead) Eggplant (9.2in, 2lbs) Last week I was ahead of myself and had put eggplant down. So I went back and changed it. He was about the length of an ear of corn I guess.

Maternity clothes: I wore a dressy maternity blouse for church on Sunday, but did wear my regular dress pants! (wore them a little lower to get under the belly) :) Other than that, sweats and sweatshirt during the day! Today I had to put on some other jeans so my favorite pair could be washed. I had to do the hair tie around the button trick in order to wear them comfortably! :)

Movement: Probably the most I've felt so far. At one point in the day, I asked if he'd ever slept that day?!

What I miss: Sweet tea and soda. Confession: I've been drinking too much coffee. (hence all the activity)

Sleep: still waking up early in the morning and then falling back to sleep. REALLY tired this week, so falling to sleep hasn't been a problem.

Symptoms: TIRED and sore!!! Acne, forgetfulness, and sore breasts.

Cravings: Coffee. Confession: I went to Starbucks twice this past week.

Best moment this week: Finding out my insurance covered a bill specific bill unexpectedly! (PTL!) :) and Joe buying his own vehicle to get to and from work in CASH!!!!

What I'm looking forward to: Taking a ride in Joe's car. He just got home from registering it! :) Pictures soon to come!


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