Thursday, March 1, 2012

Preschool - Creation Day 6

Earlier this week we talked some more on God creating the world and the color Green! Lincoln made a frog, and added some more pages to his creation book! Here are some pictures:

Lincoln asked for some help on the flower.... :)

He made two pages for his creation book. One with dinosaurs and the other with animals. That's just how he wanted to do it. When we talked about God also making man on the 6th day, he added Adam to his dinosaur picture! He said that Adam was naming the dinosaurs! Pretty good drawing of Adam if you ask me!

Helping around the house
I'm considering in making a chore chart, or something like that where he can visually see jobs he can do around the house. Any ideas?! How soon did any of you start having kids do chores? Right now he likes to help with laundry and dishes.

Getting so big....

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