Monday, March 19, 2012

A look into our week

Who doesn't love Pinterest? Besides the fact that it tends to steal hours upon hours from you and it's SO addicting!!!! 

Well, I found a few recipes that I couldn't pass up and wanted to try. I don't usually take pictures, but since I'm in a blogging mood, I couldn't blog this without taking pictures! :)

You can find the recipe for these Breakfast Sandwiches in the link. I actually made them for supper and froze the rest for later! We were in a "breakfast for dinner" kind of mood that night!

 The cooked eggs in my muffin tin! I had beaten them a little bit just so that the yolk was broken up.

 I even cooked the bacon in the oven this time! I've never done that before and I'm never going back to stove top bacon cooking! :)

I froze the egg, bacon, cheese, and muffin separately before I wrapped together. Wrapping them brought back memories of working in the sub shop at the gas station in my home town. 

We ate our "breakfast for dinner" with bagels instead of muffins and they were AWESOME!!! I love finding recipes that Joe likes and Pinterest has been a HUGE lifesaver! (I'm one that tends to make repeat meals week after week because of lack of ideas and or creativity!) So, I'm adding this one to the list of a successful meal to make again!

Our now a peak into our week of preschool with Lincoln!
 C is for Caterpillar

 I LOVE capturing these kind of shots! :)

Joseph's coat of many colors made from a coffee filter!

And the rest of the day was spent outside! Can not believe the beautiful weather we're having! And to think that it's the same temperature in Michigan as it is here! WOW!!! Hope it lasts for a little while and we're not in for a HOT summer!  

Any favorite Pinterest finds you'd like to share?! I'm always up for some good pins to add to my board! :)


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