Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saved 70% at Publix! (3/16)

This post is a week in the making...I was waiting till I went back to exchange some things and I didn't get back till yesterday...Oh well. I officially have no more room in my freezer so I think I will be taking a break this next week from shopping unless it's a need. 

My favorite buy was probably the Lucky Charms for $0.69 each! 

oop: $20.44
savings: $48.66
That's a savings of 70%!!!!
(I grabbed the wrong box of Bayer and didn't notice till I got home...So later on in the week I exchanged them for the 20 count. So the picture has the wrong boxes, but the prices are updated...)

I got everything that I wanted, except the frozen pretzels. I don't know if I was just not seeing them, (but I can never seem to find them at the Publix in Taylors) or they don't sell them. Oh well. I had already grabbed a box for $0.20 at Bi Lo earlier this week, and my freezer is REALLY full... Still, wish I had grabbed a rain check from last weeks sale at Bi Lo. Live and learn...

Here's what this week's haul got me! :)

(the prices are after coupons)
2 boxes of Lucky Charms: $0.69 ea.
Palmolive dish soap: $0.75
2 Resolve Spray and 1 Stick: $0.49 ea.
Snuggle Fabric Softener: $1.99
2 Ken's marinade sauce: $0.50 ea
2 Pepsi cola products: $0.83 ea
Publix frozen vegetables: $0.99
2 Gortmans shrimp: 2.00 ea
2 Bayer Advanced 20ct: $0.99 ea
2 Halls cough drops: $0.45 ea
2 containers of strawberries: $1.11 ea
1 lb of asparagus: $1.11 (I used the $2/$5 produce coupon for the strawberries and asparagus!)
Beechnut Mini meals: FREE!

I've been keeping record of my weekly shopping and savings in a spreadsheet for 4 weeks now and my year  to date savings is 52%. Alone, my Publix savings YTD is 69%!!!

Now....Here's hoping I stay out of the stores this week! We need to eat out of our freezer for a few days!

Anyone have any good ideas on what I should do with the strawberries in my fridge? I need to do something quick as we haven't been eating them quick enough! Smoothie recipes?!

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  1. Wow Beth! You are amazing at saving with the coupons! What an inspiration to me. I really should cut some out and use them :)
    By the the tough mudder pic...just looked into it because my husband is thinking of doing one of their races. Have you?

  2. Ok I feel dumb...that pic below was just an ad--HA HA! Oops!

    1. Haha! I was a little confused for a second!! I'm glad I can be an inspiration! It's a fun hobby for me. I'm not like a crazy couponer you might see on the tv show. I think that's TOO crazy for me!!! :) Thanks for commenting!


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