Monday, March 12, 2012

Saved 70% at Publix!!! (3/8)

Another good week. I did do some extra shopping at Aldi this week during their produce sale. With the bacon I got at Publix and all the extra eggs we have, I plan on making this. :)
Total oop: $13.10
Total saved: $30.48
that's 70% in savings!!!

I had a balance on the bottom of my receipt from last week saying that I could still get 1 schick razor and get 4ECB, so I tried and it didn't print out any ECB's and it didn't reset. So the cashier manually printed it out and crossed off the balance on my receipt. So now, I wonder if I could go back again this week since the deal is running again this week??? I'll have to check if it had reset for this week...

I just realized that I lost a receipt as I did this in three transactions at two different stores.... SO I can't really tell how much I saved, but I know it was just under $5 and I got 5 ECB back. I was really disappointed that I didn't catch the cashier when she started ringing my ECB's before I could stop her. So I was over so many cents that I had to put in a filler item. (hence the caramel) WASTE of ECB's.... BUT....everything was pretty cheap! :) So I'm still happy with this trip! I'll probably find the receipt after I do some cleaning, I'm curious as to how much I saved.

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  1. Oh! I love pouched eggs. I haven't had them in so long. Thanks for sharing your shopping with us.

  2. Good job I stocked up on the fruit snacks as well (my son was whining he has not had any in a while). Thank you for sharing my button! Have a great week :)


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