Friday, March 2, 2012

Publix and CVS coupon trips, and MORE!!!! 3/1

I'm sure no one cares what this coupon shopping mommy does when she finds some good deals....and I'm sure, in fact I KNOW I'm not the best coupon shopping mom, so this is mostly for those few family members that are interested. (Or at least pretend to be...)

I love LOVE L.O.V.E. it when I can get ALL my shopping (and more) done in one trip without a child!!! I'm loving this once a week playdate thing that a friend of mine came up with! Thanks! ;) It's helped SO much, just by de-stressing my grocery shopping. I can actually coupon and take my time at it! WhooHooo!!! Sorry. I'm a little excited at what I got done today! :)

I went ALL over the place and made multiple stops to go to some places that I usually don't get at.

My first stop was Whole Foods. I bought a Groupon coupon last Sept. for $10 for $20 worth of groceries. I've never tried Whole Foods, and half off sounded good to me! :) I went over to get a few things we needed. Salsa, flour, paper towel, lunch meat, and some snacks. It felt nice at the register having to only pay pocket change! :)

Next stop was Target. I needed diapers and recently I was given some gift cards, so I really wanted to use them for the baby Rock 'n' Play from Fisher Price. I also had a $10 off coupon on the Rock 'n' Play. I know it's smarter to use your gift cards to buy products that give more gift cards. But seriously, I don't shop at Target that often, and when I do, it's for clothes for Lincoln. So....ya....Here's what I got.

Found this in clearance for $4.48 and I had a $1.50/1 coupon! (eight bars of facial soap for $2.98) Probably not that good of a deal, but we like Neutrogena and I don't get it much because of prices.
Target trip:
Total OOP: $17.60 (after gift cards)
Saved: $14.00
In my weekly grocery savings spreadsheet (that I found here at couponing101), I won't be adding the baby rocker into my grocery spending's.

Total oop: $8.10
Saved: $52.18
ECB received: $7.79
I ended up going to two different CVS to find gum. And still I was either overcharged, or I grabbed the wrong kind...but 2 packs rang up @ $0.99, and the rest rang up $1.50. I didn't catch it till I got home. I only had to pay $0.94 oop, so I figured, it's not worth it to go back...

Total oop: $33.08
Saved: $72.28
What I got:
4 Stouffers family meals
4 Bird's Eye Voila Meals
1 Mrs. Paul's fish sticks
4 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
2 Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles
2 Country Crock butter
2 French's Worcheshire sauce
1 Coffee Mate Natural Bliss (I would've gotten more, but I ran out of ink for coupons...)
2 Glass Plus
*not pictured*
1lb of hamburger meat
chicken breast
1 Package of garlic pesto tortilla wraps

I also got some milk, fruits, and veggies through WIC.

Total oop: $20.25
(it was lunch time and I was shopping on a hungry stomach, so this is a little more oop than what it should be....) :)

Total spent: $71.40
I didn't add in the baby rocker in the total. I should also say the groupon coupon for Whole Foods was $10 back in September. So this week I was over budget with the total at $81.40

With some extra time to myself, I ran over to the My Child's Closet consignment sale. I will be going back on Saturday when everything's half off!
Can't resist the cute newborn summer clothing! Since Lincoln was born in the winter, I needed to pick up some summer stuff for baby #2.
Found some cute GAP shoes for Lincoln!
And that's my shopping for the week! I was pretty excited about it! Love the cheap frozen meals for days when I'm too tired to cook. I'm excited about all the baby stuff, :) and can't wait to dress him in these cute outfits! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I'm really enjoying rambling around your blog again. It's all very sweet Bethany.


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