Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pregnancy week 23

I never know what to tell people when they ask, "how far along are you?" My doctor would tell you I'm 23 weeks according to my LMP. But the lady who gives the ultrasound, (whatever they're called???) will say, "He's right on schedule, 24 weeks." (which really means he's measuring a week ahead of schedule lady!)

So what do I do? Is my due date June 19, or June 11? And with Lincoln, he came exactly a week early, so June, 12, or June 5? To imagine having him that soon is too scary to think about....! Recently I've been telling people what the doctor says, but being hopeful he'll make an appearance around the 11th. :)

last minute picture for this post. I really need Joe to take the pictures. (And maybe I should clean the mirror!)

How far along: 23 weeks, 1 day

Countdown: 16 weeks, 6 days

Size of baby: (according to 24 weeks...) Ear of corn (8.5in, 1.5 lbs)

Maternity clothes: I haven't been wearing too much of maternity clothes yet. I have only one pair of jeans that fit and I wear them all.the.time. Most of my days are spent in sweats/yoga pants and over-sized sweatshirts.

Movement: lots of movement this week with kicks and I think I felt some rolling over. This Baby seems to be positioned lower than I remember from last pregnancy. So kicks are a little uncomfortable at times. (I know he can't, but I feel as if he's gonna kick himself out!)

What I miss: Soda. I do give myself 1-2 smalls cups of coffee in the morning and that's my intake of caffeine for the day.

Sleep: So far so good. Actually, I've been falling asleep pretty quickly and sleeping really soundly! Joe says I've been talking in my sleep! I do wake up around 3am to roll over, look at the clock, and fall right back to sleep.

Symptoms: sore back and fatigued in the evenings.

Cravings: Sweets. I made a cream cheese braid for brunch last Saturday! Covered it with powdered sugar frosting!

Best moment this week: Lincoln feeling his brother's movement for the first time! And FINALLY getting over that dumb cold!

What I'm looking forward to: Nap time!


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